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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on February 28, 2019

When an enormous beast came from the sky, the land fell into despair and chaos. Corruption spread throughout the land, violence and thievery became the standard of living. Only after the beast suddenly froze and shattered into a million pieces, the world seemed like it was back to the way it was. But strange things started to happen; mass suicide, people disappearing without so much of a trace; let's just say that it all went downhill quickly...

Death End re;Quest is a set in a fantasy world, where themes like horror and mystery are also very common. I love the combination of cuteness mixed with horror, so this seems like a good game for me! Death End re;Quest initially came out on February 19 in North America and February 22 in Europe. I haven't played the games made by Compile Hearts before, but I do enjoy Visual Novels!

In this JRPG/Visual novel hybrid game, you take the role of the adventurer Shina, who wakes up trapped inside a fantasy VRMMORPG called World's Odyssey. Back in the real world, Shina, who is the director of this game, has mysteriously disappeared. Together with programmer Arata Mizunashi, Shina wanted to build the perfect game. But now that she is stuck and with all the logging out and save buttons gone, there is only one way to escape this self-built prison - to beat the game and achieve the perfect ending. But the game won't make this easy for her. Bugs and glitches are lurking around every corner, and NPCs can't be trusted. With the help of Arata, Shina will have to fight her way through the game if she want to escape this digital nightmare.

Throughout the story of Death End re;Quest, you'll meet a lot of great characters, just like in any other quality visual novel. Playing the game involves a lot of reading, which I personally really enjoy. It is like reading a book, but without having to create the world in your head from scratch. It is, in a way, a lighter form of reading. Death End re;Quest has a great story with a great theme and many huge surprises and plot twists. And who was the scenario writer, you ask? - None other than the creator of Corpse Party, Makoto Kedouin! (Yay!)

The story starts out very mysterious and interesting. Along the way, you learn numerous new things about the world you are in, as well as the world outside those boundaries. Death End re;Quest is divided in different chapters. While playing the game you can make choices, but beware, there is only one perfect ending and multiple bad ones. Saving your game during monologues is crucial if you want to save Shina.

The battle system is quite unique, in my opinion. You choose three actions, either defence, a magic spell, taking an item, a melee attack, etc. If you attack three times in a row you'll end with an extra attack. After you have chosen your three actions, you move along the battlefield and stand near the enemy you want to attack. This is when you execute the previously chosen series of actions. If I had to name the battle style, I would say it is more like a tactical RPG.

The art is also really good; the characters have amazing detail and are quite versatile. I must say that, at times, it feels more like a PS3 game in terms of gameplay and the cutscenes might look a bit awkward here and there, but overall it is still quite good. The music and story really immerse you in the experience, making playing the game really enjoyable.

Death End re;Quest is a fun game that, although I hadn't heard of it before, I really enjoyed playing. The story is very intriguing and I am curious about what will happen next! The narrative, atmosphere and horror/mystery genre really do well here. I would recommend checking out this game if you enjoy visual novels like Zero Escape or Doki Doki Literature Club! They have the same theme, enshrouded in horror and mystery and have many great plot twists.

available on:

Compile Heart (website in Japanese) & Idea Factory International
February 19 - 22, 2019