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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on October 22, 2019

Ever since I got to play Disgaea 1 Complete for the Nintendo Switch, I have been wanting to play more! Enter: Disgaea 4 Complete+! I am looking forward to this game so much; I loved the characters, the gameplay, the humour... everything, really! Plus, I can already say that the game looks amazing! The original Disgaea 4 is the 4th game in this tactical RPG series and originally came out in 2011 for PlayStation 3. This complete edition includes all of the additional content, such as additional characters, story and other DLC. Basically, it's a complete enhanced remake of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten!

The story is about Valvatorez, who fought against the president of the Netherworld. Valvatorez is a vampire who swore off blood, because of a promise he made to a woman over 400 years ago. Nowadays, the once mighty Valvatorez has been degraded to Prinny Instructor. Prinnies are the souls of humans who have committed sins and are sent to the Netherworld to pay off their debts. They have the shape of Penguin-like dolls and are among the lowest ranking souls in the Netherworld. Valvatorez has made a promise to the Prinnies to give them sardines. As devoted as he is to keeping promises, he will do anything to keep his promise. Even when the Prinnies are about to be exterminated! Together with his trusty servant Fenrich and other allies he meets along the way, he plots a rebellion.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is, at its heart, a tactical RPG and plays as such. There are many different allies you can call upon when on the battlefield, such as healers, bowmen, warriors, mages and, of course, Prinnies! Together you will have to defeat all the enemies on the battlefield. When every enemy is vanquished, you win the battle. There are many different ways to inflict damage. One way is to use a straight-forward attack or use a special ability, but there are also some other ways for you to hurt your foes. For example, you can pick up and throw Prinnies, and they explode upon impact! Another option is to combine two of the same monsters to create one big monster. A third option is to combine a human and a monster to create a monster weapon, which has a different range and attack than normal attacks, or you can use Geo blocks to inflict damage by destroying them. And while this is truly awesome you should be wary, because your enemies can also use some of these attacks to their advantage!

In Hades, your main hub, there are many things to do. You can heal your characters (and get a gift when you heal enough HP), buy new armour and weapons, and even acquire new skills. You can buy new skills using the mana you receive upon winning battles. One other thing you can do in Hades is submit bills and try to get them passed as new laws. You will have to bribe all the parties involved and try to get as more Yea's than Nay's. This is something that I still have to get used to, but I have no doubt that this will turn out okay in the end.

As I mentioned at the start of this review, the graphics of Disgaea 4 Complete+ are nothing short of amazing! Compared to the remastered version of Disgaea 1, the game looks so smooth and pretty! The animations of the characters are so much fun, and the humour really gets me! It is weird, yes, but that just makes it all the better. There are many different viewpoints you can use during battle. Including a top-down point of view, which comes in really handy when there are many different characters on the battlefield. The skill animations are really nice too, and I love how the whole world is built. The enemy and ally characters are expertly crafted worked and look really cool; I especially like Axel, who manages to get into trouble for doing nothing wrong! The music and ambience also fits well with the various scenes and overall atmosphere of the game.

All in all, this game includes all of the extra stories, characters and DLC of the old Disgaea 4, making this game a great complete edition! The characters each have their own flaws and strengths and are all so lovable. And if you like weird humour (like vampires who would rather eat sardines than suck blood), as well as a really good tactical RPG, then I would definitely recommend trying this game. Even for first time players, everything gets explained really well, including extensive battle tutorials. And, of course, if you know and love the series, then this is a truly great addition to your game collection!

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NIS America
October 29, 2019