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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on July 26, 2019

Mochi Mochi Boy is a lovely colourful puzzle game that features loads of cuteness. This port of the game, developed by Pixelteriyaki and ported to PS4 and PS Vita, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One by Ratalaika Games, was first released on July 16th for the Ps4 and a few day later also on the other platforms. Just by looking at the pictures of this game, I know this is going to be right up my alley! It looks adorable and with all the cute chibi-faces I can't wait to play this!

Mochi Mochi boy kind of reminds me of the good old Snake you used to find on your cell phone. The goal of this game is to complete all 150 stages. To complete a stage you will need to guide Mochi boy over all the tiles. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, here's the catch, you are only able to cover a tile once. So they key elements in this game are having a good eye and looking ahead of time for possible solutions. Along the way you will find your slimy friends, who have been captured by the Devil. The only one who wasn't captured is you! Since you were too gooey and long they left you behind. So now it is time to rescue your friends!

As you try to figure out a way to cover all the tiles, you must also be very careful. There are some boobytraps that can end up in a game over. Try to time and stretch your way over deadly spikes and spring traps, and avoid setting off bombs. There are also some monsters to watch out for, so choose your path wisely! Since this is a puzzle game, there is no fighting overall, and very relaxing to just pick up and start playing.

The levels start easy enough, with not many possibilities to solve the puzzle. But it gradually gets more and more difficult. There are a total of 138 levels to play in the tower mode and more than 100 slimes to find. On top of that, there are different modes you can play as well. The tower mode just gives you a slightly harder puzzle with each completed puzzle, whereas the dungeon mode randomly generates a stage for you. Some of which are extremely difficult. It might look like something just for kids, but this is some hardcore stuff!

The music is very cute, and the artwork.. Cuteness overload! So many adorable little friends to collect. Combine all these things together and you get one hell of a cute game! You can also give Mochi Mochi Boy a different appearance by painting him a different colour. You can also look up all the different slimy friends you have collected in the gallery.

I loved playing this little one, there are still some puzzles I have yet to figure out, but it is definitely a game you can pick up just like that and start puzzling! I would definitely recommend this game if you have also enjoyed games such as Tetra's Escape, since they are both puzzle games and lovely colourful. Or if you've liked any other games by Ratalaika, most of their games have the same kind of vibe to them.

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Pixelteryaki & Ratalaika Games
July 16 - 19, 2019