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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on September 4, 2018

Oninaki is the latest game by Tokyo RPG Factory. It was released on august 22nd. I have been waiting to play this game ever since I saw the trailer! I previously played (and have been loving ever since) I am Setsuna and can't wait to tell you guys all about this amazing new adventure. So let's get started!

You play as Kagachi who is a so-called 'Watcher'. Watchers are able to travel 'beyond the Veil' and interact with the deceased. Their job is to guide lost souls so they can pass over to be reincarnated again into their next live. When the living still grief about the deceased, the deceased cannot move on to their next live and will become stuck. Kagachi is a special kind of Watcher, who will not back off at killing even the living in order for the dead to be at peace. Kagachi's parents died when he was still young, and on that unfortunate day he met a mysterious girl, whom he will meet again when he gets older. This girl tells him about the Night Devil and how he wants hunt her down and unleash his hatred upon the world. Together with Kagachi she will find the Night Devil and cure him of his hatred.

The enemies you encounter each have their own set of attacks that you can fight around. Together with the help of you Deamons, souls who weren't able to move on, you fight these enemies both in the physical world and beyond the Veil. You cannot go beyond the Veil at any given moment, since there is a blindness you have to cure first. With his blindness you can't fight or see anything, making you incredibly vulnerable. So it is safe that you only travel to the other side when you are 'cured' for that specific area. There are big monsters that you will fight in the living world, which generate a new part of the Veil for you to explore.

Deamons all have their own story that you can unlock inside the skill tree. By unlocking their memories you will get to know them better and create a stronger bond. Along the way you will get to meet different Deamons who join your team, all with different talents. In order to unlock skills inside the skill tree, you will need specific stones for each Deamon. Along the way, you also find new weapons for them to equip and make them stronger. There are also different difficulties to choose from, from easy to hard. Easy will be nice for those who just want to follow the story, normal has both challenging and normal fights, and hard mode will give real challenge fighting monsters and bosses. In hard mode, the drop-rate of items is higher and thus more rewarding to play.

The graphics look absolutely amazing! It has vibrant colours that give a spooky vibe to the whole game. The neon pink and blue colours contrasts really well against the black. Also, I am loving the music! Some of the battle OST's are so catchy, you catch yourself humming along while fighting during a boss battle. Just like I am Setsuna and Lost Sphere, this game also has a sad feel to it. You play the game wanting to know more about the lost souls, the strange girl and the Night Devil, Deamons you meet and whole world built around them.

The way the world is created, with its own sets of customs and beliefs, is something I love about Oninaki. When walking through the city you can interact and see what other people are doing, reveal more details on this new culture and makes you get way more into the game. Some people buy love charms so that the will surely find each other again, even after death. Others tell you more about the uncertainty of the city's future. This all makes the game so much more engaging!

I Loved playing this game! If you are a big fan of JRPGs then this game will be a great addition to your collection. It has this amazing old-school Square Enix RPG design and changed it into something and vibrantly coloured and completely modern. So if you liked I am Setsuna or Lost Sphere then you will most definitely love playing Oninaki just as much!

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Tokyo RPG Factory & Square Enix
August 22, 2019