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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on September 5, 2018

We all know Tetris, the puzzle game where differently shaped blocks fall down, and you will have to make sure they all fit. Okay, and now imagine this as a platform game! Maybe not exactly the same, but it does take its roots from there. Welcome to TETRA's Escape!

TETRA's Escape is a cute little Tetris-based puzzle platformer, developed by ABX Games Studio, where you have to find your way out through all sorts of levels. You play as cute little square creatures called Tetra's. Tetra's have the ability to shape-shift into all kinds of Tetrominoes that you will have to use to overcome obstacles along the way. With the help of your square friends, you can create different kind of structures to help you find your way home.

The game starts off pretty easy, making sure you understand the basic controls. However, it slowly gets harder as you go through the levels. As the game progresses you get Tetra's who can become different shapes and even mirror them. When you reach the goal, you get a score based on how many stars you collected during the stage, including a bonus trophy when you collect all three (don't forget to go back and collect them, otherwise you have to redo all the levels like I did!).

When you first start the game there aren't as many different controls just yet, but as the game progresses there are more and more Tetra's that can help you. Switching between the different Tetra's can be a bit challenging, but once you get used to it, it is pretty doable. As a Tetra, you can only move forward one step, and jump up one block at a time. So, if there are two or more blocks stacked on top of each other in your way, you will have to create some kind of staircase to cross.

The graphics are very nice and smooth, using big brightly coloured blocks. Everything is really colourful and happy with cute playable characters, making it a light and enjoyable game to play. This suits especially well with the super cute background song (that you will still be humming the next day). The easy levels are played in a green grassy area. There also are some sandy levels, and even levels where you will have to be careful of lava!

In total there are 64 levels, giving you about 7 hours of gameplay. It is a very cute little puzzle platformer for a small price that will definitely give you something to get those braincells working. Trying to figure out the difficult levels with your friends is also a lot of fun!

I really liked playing this game. I quite enjoy puzzle games and the happy vibe gave me a sense of calmness and made it very relaxing. If you like bright happy puzzle games, or if you enjoy games such Woodle Tree Adventures or Puyo Puyo Tetris you will definitely like TETRA's Escape as well! It really is a game that is enjoyable for players of every age, making it a game well worth playing.

available on:

ABX Game Studio & Ratalaika Games
August 7, 2018