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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on October 22, 2018

Are you up for an 80's arcade style fighting game? No, I am not talking about Street Fighter II, but about Ultra Space Battle Brawl! Where old-school Japanese pixel art meets one of the oldest games of all time: Pong! You might have some doubts about this combo, but believe me when I say it might surprise you!

I had never heard of this game before, but as soon as I saw a clip of its gameplay I just had to try it! With its many colourful characters, cool art and flashy movements, it looked like this would be a lot of fun. This game was created by the Indonesian developer Mojiken Studio and released on July 5th, 2018. Players will have to compete against each other in a game of speed, agility and strength!

The way you play the game is kind of like the standard old Pong, as in; you have to get the ball to your opponent's side. There, the similarities kind of end though; this time you have to hit the crystal on the other side which is protected by a barrier you have to break first. This barrier consists of bird-like icons of the player's face. Once you hit the ball it becomes the colour of your team, the same is for your opponent, this is the moment you have to strike! The ball gradually speeds up its movement and becomes more radical as the battle continues. There are three rounds you have to play, and the one who wins two out of three wins the whole match.

As you play, the meter underneath your character's health bar will start to fill up. Once this is completely full you can release their ultimate power! This power differs per character you play as, so it is up to you which of them you end up liking the most. It is also quite difficult to aim your shots accurately; especially when the pace starts to pick up, the ball literally goes everywhere!

In the story mode you can select different characters who each have their own storyline. For instance, there's Robin, daughter of a fallen dictator who always wanted a son, so he could be her father's heir. To prove her worth, she will become the best ping-pong player of the galaxy! Or you can go for Djarwani, a boy that had been abandoned by his parents during the Galactic war. By winning the USBB (Ultra Space Battle Brawl) he hopes to gain enough fame so that he can find his biological parents.

The AI of the enemies is pretty hardcore since aiming is quite difficult to master. You can also set the difficulty, which is quite advisable; start with an easier difficulty and work your way up! As for the multiplayer on the PC version, you can either play online against your friends or together on one keyboard.

I must admit that, when I first started playing the game, I was a bit confused as to what the exact controls were. When you start the story mode there is no explanation about which buttons to use. Once I figured out you could use F/G to shoot the ball back at you opponent, there was a lot of mashing these buttons!

The old school pixel style graphics, together with the space-like soundtrack makes for a really fun and quick game anyone can enjoy! I really enjoyed playing this game. It is very different from all the other games I have seen and tried. I would suggest that if you liked Pong or Street Fighter 2, you should really try Ultra Space Battle Brawl; you are most definitely going to love it!

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Mojiken Studio & Toge Productions
July 5, 2018