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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on January 14, 2016

After our last escapades in 16th century China, this second installment in the Assassinís Creed Chronicles series magically whisks us away to 19th century India. The year is 1841; you are assassin Arbaaz Mir. When the game starts, your first task is to climb the palace tower. And no, weíre not going to kill the Maharaja, or even steal a bloody big treasure. No, ladies and gentlemen, nothing of the sort; you see, Arbaaz is in love! And it just so happens that the subject of his affection is none other than the Maharajaís niece: the lovely Princess Pyara Kaur.

After a bit of the old Ďhide the kebabí, Arbaaz tells his Princess that he must be off to see a man about a diamond. The man is a Master-Templar and the diamond is the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond. This Master Templar is about to steal this precious gem, which belongs to the Assassin order. Before you know it, the Princess and Arbaazís friends are in danger and the Assassin must do everything in his power to ensure both the safety of the diamond and of the people he loves.

Assassinís Creed Chronicles is a series of games I really like. Iíve been somewhat partial to a number of the Assassinís Creed series games, so the setting is right up my alley. What I like most about the Assassinís Creed Chronicles series is the way itís presented. Its 2.5D platform gameplay and painting-like graphics fit the series perfectly and helps to immerse you in the story. The voice-acting is really well done. As in Assassinís Creed Chronicles: China, you have an array of weapons and other tools at your disposal. The weapons you use are consistent with the weapons that were being used in the time-period. In Assassinís Creed Chronicles: India, a few new weapons rear their sharp and pointy heads, like the Talwar (a curved sword) and the Chakram (a circular throwing weapon). New abilities like the double assassination and the Helix attack help you on your deadly quest.

As in the previous installment in the series, you will be rated on your performance. If you manage to pass completely unseen, you will earn a gold rating which, in turn, rewards you with additional XP and even cool new moves and upgrades. In case you are discovered, itís essential you learn to defend yourself. To this end, a short combat tutorial is implemented in one of the first levels of the game. And although you are an assassin and possess the skills needed to defend yourself against a couple of enemies, Assassinís Creed Chronicles always encourages you to avoid a head-on battle.

Often during play, I found myself staring at the environments, pondering their sheer beauty. Everything in Assassinís Creed Chronicles looks like itís been painted, which makes the game look absolutely stunning. Little details like tiny dust clouds around Arbaazís feet when he lands, or the motion-streaks when he swings his sword or throws his Chakram really add to the illusion of depth and the overall painted look of the games. The 2.5D gameplay is fun and engaging and provides you with more options than normal 2D gameplay would. If you find yourself stuck, look for a way up or for a way to the back of the environment. I really like this particular brand of platform gaming; itís a nice detour from the standard Ďwalk to the rightí approach in traditional platform games.

All in all, Assassinís Creed Chronicles: India is a game I would highly recommend everybody who likes a good challenge, platform games, beautiful graphics and an engaging story-line. I donít quite know if everyone who likes the Ďnormalí Assassinís Creed games will hold the Chronicles series in high regard, seeing as how they are totally different games from the ones in the main series, but I would still heartily recommend you give them a try. Assassinís Creed Chronicles: India is a very cool game, as was Assassinís Creed Chronicles: China. They are both well-balanced, challenging and absolutely gorgeous to look at. Personally, I can hardly wait for Assassinís Creed Chronicles: Russia to hit the stores on February 9th of this year to complete the Chronicles Trilogy.

So yes, you should absolutely try Assassinís Creed Chronicles: India. And if you havenít played its predecessor, try that as well! And while youíre at it, just complete the set and get your copy of Assassinís Creed Chronicles: Russia when itís released. I promise, you wonít be disappointed, as long as you love a good and beautiful game, filled with intrigue, passion and assassinations. So now, if youíd excuse me, Iím off to see a princess about a good time...

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Climax Studios & Ubisoft
January 12, 2016