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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on June 27, 2014

Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Whoa don't look back to see

Run through the jungle? We're not running through it, we're flying over it! fight battles over the wide spread rice fields and dense jungles of Vietnam. Engage in dogfights, make strafing runs and bomb the hell out of every AA-gun you can spot. Welcome to Air Conflicts: Vietnam.

It has been a while since I last played a flying game (the last being F29 Retaliator or Chuck Yeager's air force...Yes,yes, yes, I'm that old!), so I don't have any recent games to compare this one to. Nevertheless, let's have a go!

Air Conflict: Vietnam is the fourth installment in the Air Conflicts series, originating in 2006. The first three games were set in WWII, but for this fourth installment, game creators Games Farm has set their sights firmly on the Vietnam war. The Ultimate Edition expands the original releases' maps for even more gameplay. Equipped with a nice back-story you take to the skies once again to make the world safe for democracy.

The story mode lets you, Joe Thompson, US Air force pilot, take part in a number of thrilling missions. These missions can range from destroying AA-guns, bombing enemy hamlets, dropping off ground troops and defending them, to showing enemy MIGs who rules the skies over this warzone. Aircrafts range from the fastest jet fighters to the ever trusty Huey helicopter. The one feature that makes this game more interesting than your run-of-the-mill flight simulator is the possibility to control not one, not two, but every single plane in your squadron. Every aircraft handles a little differently, so this makes for a very interesting mix of all guns blazing and tactical warfare.

Visually, Air Conflicts: Vietnam is a nice-looking game, not jaw-dropping, but more than adequate. Besides, when you're flying at breakneck speed, on a low enough altitude to give the enemy a Mach-1 wedgie, you're not looking for full-HD graphics. It's the illusion of speed that counts, and Air Conflicts: Vietnam has that covered! The story makes the game a little more personal and shows that there aren't just winners after the smoke has cleared off the battlefield. The soundtrack is sheer brilliance! It has everything this game needs. The feel, the sound and the songs transport you to a time when the normal size for a computer was about the same as that of an ice-cream truck and the Olivetti Programma 101 was the pinnacle of technological advancement.

So if you're into flying games, like the 60's and don't mind dropping a few bombs on Charlie, give this game a whirl. Strap yourself in, fire up your engines and take to the skies. Bombers coming out of the sun, 12 'o clock high, bandits on your six, tally-ho Biggles!

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Games Farm, bitComposer Games & Soedesco
June 27, 2015