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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on February 2, 2021, 2020

It has been a while since we first met Fenyx and roamed around the Greek lands, solving intricate puzzles and slaying hordes of evil beasts in service to the gods. So, it is about time to return to ancient Greece and see how Fenyx is doing, wouldn't you agree? And there's more reason than ever to do so, because Ubisoft just released the very first DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, called A New God!

First up; a friendly heads-up from the developers; They tell us that this DLC contains spoilers for the first game, so we would be wise to finish that first before venturing out on this new adventure. Luckily, that is something I already accomplished, so it's right to Olympos for me. well, for Fenyx, actually, but you get what I mean.

Yes, assembled gods and goddesses of the gaming world; It is time for Fenyx to take his or her (depending on if you chose to create a male or a female protagonist) rightful place at the table of gods, also known as the Inner Circle of the Pantheon. Naturally, Zeus won't let just anybody enter said circle, even family, so Fenyx will have to earn her keep by overcoming a number of challenges, which come in the form of Godly Trials. The gods she met in the original game, Hermes, Athena, Aphrodite, Ares and Hephaistos are the challengers, with the first of the bunch only acting as a sort of cursory introduction to these trials. Now, I know we've come across more than our fair share of trials while playing Fenyx's original adventures, but get ready to really get those grey cells working because, to use the words of our friends at Bachman-Turner Overdrive: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Luckily, Fenyx is a girl with heart. Well, I say girl, because that's the protagonist I built when starting my Ancient Greek Adventure. That's why, for the remainder of this review, I will refer to Fenyx as "She" and "Her". Why a girl? Well, in part because I got the impression that Fenyx was a girl from the little trailer material I saw before the game's release. For the other part, I remembered the truly wise words of my brother-in-law, DumeeGamer's very own Michael "MagicMike" Dumee, who once said: "If I have to spend hours on end looking at a main character, I better make it a character worth looking at!" I don't think wiser words have never been spoken, ladies and gentlemen. well, maybe "Don't eat the yellow snow" comes close. Never mind! Let's get back to the trials, shall we?

In A New God, Fenyx will have to complete a number of trials for each of the aforementioned gods. These trials consist of a number of Initiation Trials, followed by a Trial of Mystery and, finally, a Trial of Blessing, which earns you an additional blessing of the god in question, brining your total number of blessings per god to four. The Trials of Mystery also earn you an additional power to add to your already mighty arsenal. The power you'll get varies from god to god. Athena's Trial of Mystery will earn you the power to use your shield bash to break through the red energy walls that are scattered around Olympos, enabling you to reach previously unattainable areas and chests. Completing Aphrodite's Trial of Mystery rewards you with Phosphor's Swap. This enables you to instantly switch places with the stone decoy you placed somewhere else in the world. Hephaistos' Trial of Mystery results in you gaining the ability to easily carry around even the largest of boxes you'll come across in the world and, last but not least, Ares' Trial of Mystery gives you the Wind Gust. This mighty uppercut not only deals damage, it also produces an upward gust of wind for you to ride on, using your magnificent wings.

Apart from these rewards, each trial also contains an ancient artifact of the gods. Hermes tells you that "someone" (meaning himself, of course) has seemingly "misplaced" a number of godly artifacts and it is Fenyx's job to collect them all and bring them back to the Pantheon. There's one such artifact hidden in each of the trials, so be sure to look around for the tell-tale shaft of heavenly lights when you're running around the trial environments. Sometimes, you'll come across the chests containing these artifacts when making your way from one checkpoint to the next, but others are more well-hidden and you'll need to carefully look around for them.

This very first DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising is centered more around exploration and solving environmental puzzles than it is around defeating hordes of enemies. So if you're hoping to engage in glorious battle every two seconds, than you might come away from this adventure a bit disappointed. If, however, you are up for a good bit of puzzling, this DLC is right up your alley. The developers went out of their way to challenge that grey matter you call a brain and utterly succeeded in doing so. They even added a few brand new game mechanics, like the use of magnets and even honest-to-god portals that can transport items from one place to another in the blink of an eye. The trials also contain jump plates, which can quickly catapult Fenyx over long distances.

All in all, I really liked A New God. This DLC gives even more depth to the Immortals experience and are really fun to solve. Yes, I had a bit of a struggle with controlling my flight from time to time, but that might also just be me. If there's one thing I liked less about the DLC, it's the fact that it kept crashing from time to time when entering new trials. Now, I only played the game on the PS5, so I don't know if other platforms suffer from this issue as well. The rest of the time, the game ran beautifully. The visuals are awesome, the challenges truly challenging and the story and characters are really fun. In short: A New God is a grand adventure that certainly deserves to be played by everyone who loves a good challenge, sprawling landscapes and a good sense of humor. So do yourself a favor; go out there and earn your place among the gods!

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January 28, 2021