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F1 2020

By André "Evil Dréke" Adams on July 14, 2020

First of all, let me start by saying that I'm not a professional online race driver. I do need some help staying on the track at times. If I would turn on the professional mode, I would probably die on turn one. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my way of letting every one of you know that, even if you're no F1 hero, you can still get in the driver's seat of one of these superfast cars and have an absolute blast. I just thought I'd let you know... you know?

The game is thoroughly playable by using a standard controller but, seeing as how I have the Logitech G29 steering wheel and pedals (which are awesome, by the way!) hooked up to my PS4, I used those and I must say that doing so really does really enhance the entire experience. So if you've got a steering wheel and pedals, don't hesitate to hook them up to your favorite console or PC. It's as close as most of us will get to being in an actual F1 car!

Now for the game itself... One word immediately comes to mind: "Wow". I can only say that the game is awesome; freaking awesome! I've played F1 2018, which I thought was already a very good-looking game, so I thought "what more can they possibly do, right?" Boy, was I wrong! F1 2020 has a very good design in every aspect of the game and it looks truly beautiful right from the start. The intro of the game looks just like a movie (in my opinion). So, while previous F1 games also looked good, the developers seemed to have, once again, stepped it up a notch.

I've played through all of the modes of the game and, while they're all a lot of fun, I really stayed focused on creating my own team. This mode really gives you a chance to do exactly what you like. You can choose about everything from the power supply of the car down to the color of your gloves. The possibilities seem sheer endless and I personally think this mode is really awesome! And yes, I know I use the word "awesome" a lot, but there's no other word to describe the game...

On to the graphics! Well, I can be relatively succinct about that: absolutely everything about F1 2020 looks really beautiful and very realistic. The tracks are almost spot on and the cars are (again) very, very realistic. So, how about the handling? This is another area of the game in which a high level of realism comes into play. Confused? Well, let me put it this way: I was trying to do a race in Australia and got a pretty good time during the qualifying rounds, but then came race day. During the qualifications, the weather was nice and clear. On race Day; it was pouring rain. So, as soon as we started, I hit the gas and almost immediately went off the track. When I finally caught up with the other drivers, the spray of their cars was so realistic, I really couldn't see where I was going.

There are 22 official tracks for you to drive around on. The two biggest additions are the two new tracks: Hanoi and of course The Dutch Grand prix of Zandvoort to which, after 35 long years, the F1 circus will finally return (well, next year for real!). Plus, it is a really fun track do drive, so thumbs up all round!

As you start playing F1 2020, you can start your career as a Formula 2 driver or you can immediately become a Formula 1 driver. I choose to do the first. It is fun to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder. After you win a championship in Formula 2, you can then forge your path in Formula 1. Codemasters also put a nice tribute to Anthoine Hubert (who died tragically last year). You can actually choose him as your second driver. I think that's a great tribute.

Then there is the add-on which comes with the Deluxe Schumacher Edition, the edition we received. The developers recreated some of his iconic cars so you can have the exquisite pleasure of driving them. For example, there is the 1991 Jordan, 1994 and 1995 Benetton cars as well as the iconic Ferrari F1-2000! As I've stated at the start of this review, I'm still a little bit of a beginner but when you really get into the game you can fine tune almost everything on the car like brake balance, gears, downforce... the whole shebang! You can develop upgrades for your car in areas like durability, drivetrain or chassis. When you finally get your head around the science behind these cars, you can really have a lot of fun with them.

I personally think that F1 2020 is a game that is accessible for everybody, even if you don't have any experience in racing. For instance; You can turn on every assist in the game so you can have almost the same amount of grip off the track as well as on the track. The better you get the more assists you can turn off until you can drive with the best of them. Alas, I'm not quite there yet, but I keep getting better at it, so who knows!

Overall, I can only say that I really like F1 2020. I think it's an awesome F1 game with a lot of cool additions that really make this game a step up from the last F1 game I played. As a racing game, F1 2020 seems to have everything going for it and I'm sure I will enjoy myself playing it for many hours to come!

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F1 2020
July 10, 2020