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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on October 10, 2017


Yes, my friends, it is time to dish out some jystice. Sometimes it is good to be jydge, jyry and execytioner. 'When is this a good thing?' I hear you ask? Well, now is actually the perfect time to be just that. Why? Because we're going to play the latest game by 10Tons, the talented team of people that previously brought us Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. It is time to decide who gets to live and who gets to die... Let's play Jydge!

Now, you may have noticed that I seemed to have a little trouble with my U's at the start of the previous paragraph. Don't worry, all is well now! It just seemed I was still a little too captivated by the U-less titles when it comes to the world of Jydge.

So, what is Jydge? Well, it is a top-down twin-stick shooter, set in the fictional city of Edenbyrg; a place where evil crime lords and vicious street gangs hold sway and terrorize public life. Now, the law enforcement will not stand for this unruly behavior and decide to launch the Jydge initiative; a program that is specifically designed to eradicate all lawless activities by every means necessary. This usually means blowing up stuff and turning the bad guys into hunks of lead or plasma infused Swiss cheese. There is a catch however; the Jydges are programmed to save civilian lives, so you may never kill an innocent, or you will simply blow apart as punishment for your mistake.

To distribute punishment, you make use of your Jydge's favorite piece of equipment... no, not that! His Gavel, of course! This state of the art weapon has several different, but equally cool firing modes and can be modded for additional run-and-gun fun! It is a most versatile weapon to start with, and all the additions make it even more useful when going up against an overwhelming force of bad guys that really, really, REALLY don't seem to like you one bit. Well, okay; you are trying to kill them, so we can't exactly hold that against them, can we now?

If you have played Neon Chrome, you will be familiar with the basic mechanics of Jydge. You control the protagonist from a top-down perspective, shooting bad guys and picking up useful items. Each level comes with its own short explanation about what's going on, ranging from a kidnapping of a family to a bank heist gone wrong. Most levels will have you rescue all the hostages and/or killing all the bad guys. You can pick up loot along the way, that you can use to upgrade your Jydge, but more on that later. The icons that 10Tons used for loot and reloading look similar to the ones used in Neon Chrome, making it easier for people who have played said game to instantly see what's going on. But don't worry if this is your first time playing a 10Ton top-down shooter; the game is really self-explanatory. Walk, aim, fire... simple isn't it?

Well, yes, that is the basic premise of every top down shooter, but what makes Jydge stand out? Well, first and foremost, how about the opportunity to customize your Jydge to suit your preferred playing style; the so-called Jydge for yourself mechanic. 10Tons have gone out of their way to give the people what they want: a nearly unlimited choice of weapons and cyberware with which you can build your own judge. Are rapid fire weapons your personal favorite? No problem, just go for it! Or are you more of a heavy weapons gamer? Same thing applies, just do it! There is even cyberware in there that equips your Jydge with mechanized police spiders that seek out the bad guys and another one that gives the law abiding citizens of Edenbyrg extended health, making it easier for them to survive! There are lots and lots of possible combinations that you can make while customizing your Jydge and they are all awesome!

Visually, Jydge looks really flashy and there is a lot going on on-screen. Bright colors light up the grim environments and give the game a somewhat menacing look, which perfectly matches the game's theme. A frantic soundtrack inspires haste while the level design ensures that Jydge never gets repetitive. Also, the difficulty is beautifully balanced; Jydge never gets to easy, but is nowhere near impossible. It is really a decent challenge and will have you twiddling your thumbsticks and terrorizing your triggers for quite some time. I personally like the "boss" characters in some of the levels. While other criminals might go down after a few rounds of your trusty Gavel, these bosses will be much tougher and will come after you when you start shooting them.

All in all, I must say that I enjoyed playing Jydge quite a bit! It is a game that you can play solo, or even team up with a friend for some local co-op mayhem. You could play it for hours, but it can also be picked up when you have twenty minutes to spare. So, as far as I'm concerned, I would give Jydge two thumbs up! Just pick it up and you'll see what I'm talking about! So now, if you'd excuse me, there are some bad guys that are screaming for my attention...

All right, you maggots; COURT IS IN SESSION!!!

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October 4, 2017