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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on April 23, 2016

The 80's called; they want their synthesizers back... Well, you can tell the 80's to get lost, because we need these synthesizers for a ver, very cool cooperative, cyberpunk themed, roguelike game for up to four players: Kill to Collect! Now, I could try and come up with a cool description for Kill to Collect's core story, but it would never be as good as the one developer Pieces Interactive has written for the game's intro. So it is, completely without shame, that I present to you; the story of Kill to Collect, by Pieces Interactive:

Welcome to the last city on Earth. Geoshelter Alpha contains what is left of humanity, spread out on hundreds upon hundreds of floors expanding deep into the crust of the earth. Spanning from the luxurious Upper City down to the hopeless cesspool simply known as ‘The Deep Levels' and beyond, the City only gets as good as you give.

The Deep Levels are home to the most depraved souls in the City. The homeless, junkies, low-wage factory workers and vicious gangs mashed together with the various Mega-Corp Security Forces. Each day survived down here is a blessing or a curse, depending on who you ask. The general life expectancy is short and most people would make yours shorter if it would elevate their measly quality of life even an inch.

The only thing resembling ‘law' down in The Deep Levels are the Hunters. If you have a dispute to settle but no muscle to settle it, you hire a Hunter. They excel at problem solving using the most violent methods available. Most of them hunt for money, others for glory. And then there are those that just like to pulp strangers. But they all follow the Hunter code: KILL TO COLLECT.

See?! I told you it was good! So, on with the review! In Kill to Collect, you assume the role of one of four Hunters, down in The Deep Levels. Your mission is to collect the bounty on some of the City's most dangerous human beings. In order to do this, up to four players can join forces and gather to form an unbeatable band of mercenaries.

There are four ‘heroes' for you to choose from: Kate Katana (A foxy, blade-wielding young woman with a grudge), Ivan Ironfist (A music-loving young man that really packs a punch), Riot Ray (A former Corps Officer with a grumpy, loud attitude and a loud shotgun) and Shocking Shelly (A highly intelligent mechanic who relies on her home-made weapons and electrical staff). Each of these characters comes with its own unique special abilities and playing style, allowing players to choose the character that best suits them.

After you've assembled your team, it's time to enter the dangerous rooms of The Deep Levels. You start by crashing through the ceiling into the appropriate floor for your current mission. From there, you make your way through adjacent rooms, filled with various hostile characters who seem to want nothing more than to beat you and your friends into a pulp. Now, of course we can't have that, so it's your job to persuade them to die first! If you kill an enemy , they may drop items for you to pick up, ranging from secondary weapons to currency to health-packs. Your main objective per floor is to reach the elevator to the next floor of the level. When you've made your way through a number of floors, you finally encounter your target and try to take him (or her) out. If you are successful at killing your bounty, your mission is over and it is time to collect!

A great feature in Kill to Collect is that the rooms you travel through are procedurally generated, so no two play-throughs will ever the same! On almost every floor, there's a room with a skull hovering over its door. A little piece of friendly advice; That skull doesn't mean there's a pirate-themed party going on in there with free drinks and nice people. No sir, this skull means just what it usually means; it means that this room is extremely dangerous and you should think twice about taking on the perils that await inside. Of course, with great peril comes great reward; so choose wisely before storming into such a room. Especially because, when you enter a room, there's no turning back! The way closes behind you and you're trapped until you've slain every enemy in sight.

Kill to Collect offers you three game modes to enjoy: Story Mode; this mode lets you take a look into the life of a Hunter. It features seven chapters, filled with enemy gangs and, of course, your targets. Challenge modes takes a different approach to things; every day, a specific bounty will be made available for everyone to try and collect. This mode is divided into two sub-modes: repeatable and one-try. The one-try mode is the one that will bring you eternal glory by carving your name on the leaderboard. Then, lastly, there's the Free Hunt Mode, in which you can personalize your adventure by defining your own bounty hunts.

I can only conclude that Kill to Collect is an awesome game, that is best played with four friends. If you each pick the right character and coordinate your attacks, your team will be unstoppable. It is possible to play Kill to Collect on your own, but keep in mind that it will be somewhat more challenging as opposed to playing the game with four people. So, however you look at it, Kill to Collect is a very good game; the graphics, the characters, the soundtrack, everything is inspired by 80's cyberpunk and is completely awesome! If you're into coop roguelikes, Kill to Collect is definitely a game you will want to try!

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Pieces Interactive
April 6, 2016