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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on April 25, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have terrible news; the world is in grave peril! Evil scientists from around the world have united and have formed the aptly named League of Evil. They now have set their sights on world domination, no matter who gets in their way! Now, before you start packing up your things and moving to the most remote area you can find, or start raiding electronic stores for no apparent reason except for the fact that this is what people evidently do in the event of global catastrophe, please bear with me for a moment.

For there is hope! Yes, there is one organization that can help us: The GDF, or Global Defence Force. This organization has sent us their best man or, to be more precise, their best bionic super agent and he is more than determined to rid the world of the League of Evil for good! Bravely, our hero sets out to track down every single one of the scientists and, well, beat them into a bloody pulp. And guess who gets to be that unrivalled hero? Yes, you've guessed it; it's you!

League of Evil is a 8-bit, high-speed platform game, developed by Woblyware and puclished and ported by Ratalaika Games. The game is filled to the brim with fast action, cool graphics and a truly frantic soundtrack. You'll have to run, jump and kick your way across 140 levels, divided in 4 worlds in order to bring the evil machinations of the League of Evil to an end. Each of these levels contains one evil scientist, begging for an ass-whooping as well as a briefcase filled with valuable intel. The briefcase is not mandatory when finishing a level, killing the scientist is. Completing a level gets you a star rating, according to how fast you managed to finish said level. You can earn a maximum of three stars for each level. Can you collect the briefcase AND kill the scientist and still be fast enough to receive a three star rating?

Well, and please trust me on this one, that might sound easier than it actually is! Luckily, your agent can jump, double jump, perform wall jumps, slide down walls and attack (which also doubles as a dash) And you'll need all of these awesome moves if you want to have any hope in hell of finishing the later levels, because what starts out as a simple theft/assassination, quickly turns into a deadly whirlwind of enemies, pit traps, cannons and other assorted stuff that can hurt you big-time! Wait, scratch that; This stuff doesn't just hurt you, it kills you instantly! Yes, dear readers, when you so much as touch one of the many, many, MANY traps that the developers of this frantic game came up with, or are hit by so much as one measly bullet from an enemy's gun, you die. No health regeneration, no medkits, not a bloody sausage!

So, League of Evil is a game that doesn't do health, it just does death and starting over anew. So it does offer you a second chance. and a third chance. and a fourth chance. and a fifth. well, I think you get where I'm going with this. The funny thing is, the endless replaying of levels because you timed your jump wrong doesn't become bothersome. ever! Because the levels are relatively short, there's always the nagging feeling in the back of your mind that says: "Damn, I was really close that time. So if I just time that jump right, I'll be golden!" I, for one, can only give the developers two thumbs up for making the finishing of levels something you just need to do, no matter how many tries it takes you. And because the levels are short, you can even play a few rounds of League of Evil when you don't have a lot of time to spare.

Even when you have finished every level that the game has to offer, the fun is not over. League of Evil features a fully-fledged level creator that lets you create your own levels. Create the most insane level you can imagine and share it with the community, so players from around the world can test their mettle and try to beat your score. The created levels are compatible with all platforms, so no matter which system you are playing on, you can share your own levels with the world or download levels that are created by other players. How's that for replay value?!

I can honestly say that I had a really, really, REALLY good time while playing League of Evil. The game contains kick-ass 8-bit graphics, a more than awesome chiptune soundtrack that just keeps repeating itself in your head, long after you stopped playing and truly challenging gameplay! It is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Ps Vita and soon for Nintendo 3DS. The PS4 and PS Vita version cost only five bucks, and the Switch and yet to be released 3DS versions both cost only 8 bucks. So, if you're up for a decent challenge that provides hours of fun, be sure to give League of Evil a whirl!

available on:

Woblyware & Ratalaika Games
October 25, 2016 (PC)
August 31, 2017 (Nintendo Switch)
April 10, 2018 (PS4 / PS Vita)
TBA (Nintendo 3DS)