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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 6, 2019

Not all heroes wear capes! Some actually wear blue overalls over a green shirt and a snazzy green cap. Oh, and sometimes, just sometimes, they also lug a vacuum cleaner and flashlight around and make the world a bit safer, one ghost at a time. Now, this may not sound like a very likely hero, but it's just the hero we need when, during a nice holidays, things take a turn for the worse and get decidedly more spooky!

Seventeen years after his first ghostly adventure, Luigi is forced to take up arms once again and battle supernatural bad guys in Luigi's mansion 3. As the game starts, Luigi and his friends get invited to a beautiful hotel for a leisurely vacation. Quickly after they arrive, it becomes clear that this vacation was only a ruse to lure Luigi to the hotel, as his friends are kidnapped by none other than Luigi's old adversary, the nefarious King Boo. It's up to Luigi to defeat the ghosts that inhabit every nook and cranny of the hotel and save his friends.

Luigi's mansion 3 is the third title in the Luigi's mansion series that started, as already mentioned, back in 2002. While the first Luigi's mansion was originally made for the Nintendo Gamecube and the second game, Luigi's mansion: Dark Moon, was made for the 3DS, this third title is specifically created for the Nintendo Switch, giving it the most detailed look of any game in the series. Most of the gameplay elements have been left in place, while the developers at Next Level Games have added some cool features of their own to make the game even more fun.

Let's start with what we already know. As we make our way through the haunted hotel, we come across ghosts that don't really seem to like us very much. We are attacked by said ghosts and will have to fight back. Lucky for us, and just like in the previous game in the series, we have our trusty flashlight with which we can stun the ghosts and inspect areas using the black light gem. The stun capability is still a very handy tool that enables you to, if only for a short while, keep an enemy at bay while dealing with another, or hold them in place long enough to try and capture them with your awesome ghost-catching-vacuum-cleaner, the Poltergust.

Now, not only does this weapon make its triumphant return in Luigi's Mansion 3, it also received a few upgrades along the way to make your ghost-busting life somewhat easier. This brings us to some of the new features in Luigi's Mansion 3. You can now perform a number of new ghost defeating moves, like a jump and ground smash, which results in a blast of air from the Poltergust that pushes back enemies around you. You can also fire a suction cup from the Poltergust, enabling Luigi to pull certain objects, as long as they're flat and not too heavy. This way, you can eventually clear paths that were previously blocked off and even pull defensive items out of the hands of your spectral enemies. So now, when an enemy ghost thinks it can outsmart you by putting on a pair of sunglasses, you can simply take them away.

The single biggest addition to the series must be the addition of a slimy clone, courtesy of professor Elvin Gadd, who is the splitting image of Luigi, only completely green and semi-transparent! This Gooigi, as Luigi's new and slimy friend is called, can be conjured up at a moment's notice and help Luigi overcome various obstacles. You see, because Gooigi is made up out of this green slime-like substance, he can fit through narrow openings and even some ventilation grates, opening up rooms that Luigi can't get into himself. When summoning Gooigi, you take control of our new best friend and guide him through the environment, leaving Luigi in a trance-like state. Gooigi has the same abilities as Luigi, with the exception of walking through puddles or jets of water. The slime Gooigi is made up of doesn't really work well together with water and Gooigi basically melts when he comes in contact with the liquid, so be careful!

Another fun item on the Gooigi to-do list is actually working together. You see, you can make Gooigi use his Poltergust and then switch back to Luigi. Gooigi will keep on using his weapon and Luigi can join in with his very own Poltergust, giving the duo twice the vacuuming power! You can switch between our two heroes at any time, or recall Gooigi to his container on the back of Luigi's Poltergust. The addition of this second protagonist also makes it possible for the game to be played in coop mode, in which the second player takes control of Gooigi and can immediately join in the fun. I personally think this is a very nice addition to Luigi's Mansion 3, because it's always nice to play a game together, especially in local coop.

As you make your way across the hotel floors, you'll encounter a lot of enemies and each floor has a somewhat stronger ghost who functions as a sort of level boss. Apart from getting in your way, these bosses have also each confiscated one of the buttons for the elevator. So if you want to reach the next floor, you will have to get it from them by defeating them in battle. You will also come across a lot of collectables, ranging from money to rare gems. Even the ghosts are collectible. Every time you defeat a ghost it will be kept in your Poltergust and can be transferred to a holding tank at professor Gadd's makeshift laboratory in the hotel's basement. Here, you can check which types of ghosts you have already caught and how many of the other collectibles you have found so far.

The laboratory also houses a shop, in which you can exchange the money and gold you find along the way for very useful items like, for instance, a golden bone that (only once per bone) revives Luigi when he is defeated by a ghost. This revival is at the hands or, in this case, paws of Luigi's faithful companion, the ghost dog Polterpup! Now, I have seen a lot of cute characters in my time, but I think Polterpup is definitely a contender for the Throne of Cuteness. Polterpup also serves as kind of a guide at the start of your adventure, happily running around and yapping at you when he found something interesting. Now, as soon as Polterpup was shown, which was during the intro of the game, I just knew what my wife was going to say. and she didn't disappoint! It took about half a nanosecond for her to utter an elated scream, after which she turned to me and said: "I want one!"

If you are one of those people that think a singleplayer campaign just isn't enough, then rejoice; Luigi's Mansion also has a number of multiplayer modes that enable up to eigth players to play together, online and locally. The game features one multiplayer coop mode and three separate competitive modes. In the coop mode, called ScrareScraper, the team of players has to defeat all the ghosts in a 25-story, randomly generated tower. The three competitive modes are bundled in ScreamPark. Here, two teams can challenge each other in three separate games, all revolving around team-based competitions in either collecting coins, catching ghosts or getting their hands on cannonballs and scoring points by destroying targets. I love the fact that you don't actually have to fight the other team as such; it's a perfect example of the good, old-fashioned, give-each-other-a -hard-time-without killing-each-other kind of multiplayer fun!

Well, this brings us to the end of this haunted adventure. In conclusion: I really like everything about Luigi's Mansion 3. It looks better, sounds better and plays better than its predecessors. The new additions, both in gameplay as well as in game modes, really help to increase the fun there is to be had while playing the game, without sending it in a completely other direction than previous games and alienate it from the series. I would heartily recommend Luigi's Mansion 3 to every gamer out there that loves a fun game, filled with fun characters, exploration, some puzzles and truly fun gameplay. You know what? Just try the game for yourselves. Trust me; it's a scream!

So, if there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who are you gonna call? Correct; Luigi!

available on:

Next Level Games & Nintendo
March 29, 2019 (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)
May 21, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)