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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 26, 2020

Hell is in a sorry state, ladies and gentlemen. When the supreme ruler of the place went on vacation, he left his daughter Evilina in charge of hell which, inevitably, led to utter chaos. Now, the imprisoned souls of the underworld have fled their confinement and are scattered all across the nine circles. Of course, being upper management, Evilina is perfectly capable of cocking things up, but has no intention of cleaning up her own mess. This is why she sends you, a lowly demon, to restore order to hell and return it to its evil and organized self before the evil lord returns and things are bound to go even More Dark...

So off you go, trying to round up Hell's prisoners, one dungeon at a time. To this end, you'll need to kill them (again, presumably), so their souls return to their cells. This is done by simply jumping on them or dropping crates on their heads. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it does, but there's a catch; since you're just a simple demon, you're not that strong and one hit will kill you, so if you walk into them (or they walk into you, whatever occurs first), you'll die instead of them. Now, don't worry, you will respawn; I mean, this is Hell we're talking about, so of course demons respawn here! The only downside to this is the fact that you'll have to start from the beginning of the current dungeon, with all the obstacles reset.

The object in every dungeon is simple: kill all prisoners in the level in order to unlock an exit door and proceed to said exit. Well I say every dungeon, but that's not quite true; There are a sort of tutorial dungeons that you'll come across when acquiring a new demonic power. These dungeons often just require you to test out said power and proceed to the exit without killing anyone. But the majority of the dungeons you'll run through have the same basic goal: kill all prisoners and reach the exit. Again, this sounds simple, but can be far from it, I assure you!

You see, our demon isn't one of those fancy "I'll destroy this puny planet with my mighty gaze and awesome demonic fire fart" type of demons. I think of him more as being the janitor of Hell; just a guy doing his job and trying to get by. This means he's not particularly good at anything. For instance; He can jump, but not that high. If you look at the dungeons in the game, you'll notice that they're made up out of blocks. Now, our demon can only jump one block up and one block across, so this limits his movement options somewhat. Luckily, Hell's dungeons also seem te be the storage place for numerous wooden crates, which just happen to be one block high. Our friend the demon can move these boxes around, creating a kind of step for himself, so he can reach higher-up places.

Later on, you'll acquire a number of Demonic powers, like bombs you can use to blow up certain blocks, a green slime blob, which you can use as a trampoline to reach higher areas and even the power to reverse gravity. You can use all these powers, as well as your own ability to think outside the box in order to overcome the numerous puzzles you'll come across during your quest. The game contains sixty levels, complete with two boss fights, two bonus stages and a nice little story twist at the very end.

More Dark isn't an overly long game, depending on your puzzle solving ability, but every dungeon is really fun to play. The puzzles are intricately designed and the relatively short duration of each level gives the game a high "Okay, I'll just give it one more try" feeling. The controls are pretty responsive, so each death your demon suffers will be your own fault. Speaking of deaths, each and every one of them will be neatly tallied in the top left corner of your screen. I managed to finish the game with just under 100 deaths which I thought was pretty good for a first run-through.

I had a lot of fun playing More Dark. My only wish was that the game had even more levels for me to wrap my demon brain around. Apart from that, it is a more than solid game, with fun retro graphics and a soundtrack to match. So, if you're looking for a way to unleash your inner janitor demon, get your hands on More Dark. I'm sure you'll have a Hell of a time!

available on:

HugePixel & Ratalaika Games
November 24 - 27, 2020 (depending on console and region)