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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on February 5, 2020

Never have the words "Kill the monster, steal the treasure, stab your buddy" held more truth then when playing a round of Munchkin! This awesome card game, the brainchild of Steve Jackson has entertained millions of board and card game enthusiasts since its inception in 2001. On November 19, 2019, Asmodee Digital released Munchkin: Quacked Quest, aiming to bring the same hilarious fun to PC's and gaming consoles everywhere. Welcome... to the Dungeonarium!

Yes, Munchkin fans, get out your Horny Helmets and your Boots of Butt-kicking and enter a frantically fun four-player party arena, where friends become mortal enemies, back-stabbing and thwarting each other's plans like there is no tomorrow! All of this (and more) is done to become the proverbial top dog among Munchkins. Are you ruthless enough to trip up a friend when monsters are chasing you? Will you do absolutely anything to get your hands on the coveted title of top Munchkin? Then, my friend, you might just make it to the end and come out on top!

Munchkin: Quacked Quest is a party game four up to four players in which the competing Munchkins must complete a series of challenges until time runs out, after which a boss-fight ensues. Every dungeon is different from the last, coming with its own set of challenges and layout. When you first start your adventure, you and your friends will gather in the hub of the Dungeonarium, where a number of things can be done. You can check the Dungeonarium Encyclopedia to see all the cards available to you at that moment and read what they do when put in play. Apart from some light reading, you can set various variables when in the hub, like your character's race (which determines your speed and health), which hat to wear (which determines how cool you look), whether or not to use bots (if you don't have four players) and the time limit for the round, i.e. the time you have to complete challenges before moving on to the boss fight. After this, all Munchkin must gather at the area labeled "FUN" and your Quacked Quest begins...

When entering the Dungeonarium itself, a skeleton randomly selects a number of Dungeon cards that decide what the upcoming game is going to be like. There are four Dungeon cards that decide your fate at this junction: Modifiers, Combat Flavors, Layout Flavors and Bosses. Modifiers set things like, for instance, how many enemies will be after you and your companions, or they might just coat the walls in a rubber-like substance, giving a whole new meaning to the term "knock-back". The Combat Flavors determine (as the name says, the type of combat that will be used, like melee or ranged. The Layout Flavors determine what the environment will be like. For example, there is a Layout card called Hole-y, which makes more pits appear in the environment. Last, but not least, there are the Bosses cards, which determine which boss you will be fighting and what your goal during this fight is (get the last strike, do the most damage or have the least health at the end). After the cards decide your fate, it is finally time to enter the Dungeonarium!

As you enter a dungeon, your goal will be displayed for a short time, after which the mayhem begins. Usually, your objective has something to do with grabbing golden ducks, either be the first to grab the suck or grab the most ducks. Sometimes, you'll also come across the "Kill 'em all!" challenge, which means that you'll have to be the one who kills the most enemies in the dungeon. Whoever wins fulfills the objective, receives a level at the end of the dungeon. You can also gain a level by collecting gold coins. Whenever your gold bar is completely filled, you also receive a level. Apart from gold that is found around the dungeons, you can also fill this bar by selling loot you find. Both gold coins and loot cards are found by opening chests or slaying enemies. Any loot you don't want or need can be sold for gold coins.

So, as you can see, there are a few ways to gain a level. And this is important, because whoever has the highest level after the boss-fight and some random Mario Party-like level distribution (you gain a level for things like: triggering the most DM comments, hitting the exit door of a dungeon the most, etcetera) at the very end, may crown themselves head honcho. (until somebody steals the title from them, that is!). Apart from this lofty title, the winner may also choose from two Dungeonarium cards and add his or her choice to its ever-growing collection, expanding the Dungeonarium one card at a time. After this, you are all returned to the hub and have a go at another round of backstabbing and treasure grabbing.

The Dungeonarium cards come in three varieties: Dungeon Cards, Loot Cards and Monster Cards. We've already covered the Dungeon Cards, so let's not repeat ourselves, shall we? There are five types of Loot cards: Weapons, Hats, Consumables, Race and Class, which determine which loot can be found during your adventure. The Monster Cards consist of four types of cards: Thrash Mob, Melee, Ranged and Elite. These cards determine the types of enemies you may encounter before your boss fight. By adding cards to the Dungeonarium, additional loot, enemies, bosses or game modifiers can be used for upcoming games, effectively expanding the number of possibilities for the randomly generated dungeons. The cards come in four different types of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare or Foiled. The higher the rarity, the more awesome their effect on the game.

I must say that playing Munchkin: Quacked Quest is actually a lot of fun. Now, I'm usually not a huge fan of party games, but the use of the Munchkin brand of humor in Quacked Quest does make it fun to play. Plus, because you can attack your friends as well as your foes, becoming top Munchkin requires a keen insight, quick reflexes and no small amount of treachery on your part. The DM serves as a narrator, blurting out things that have to do with the action that is going on at the moment, or just random one-liners. And although the game has a few flaws, mostly in the consistency of the game's frame rate and some minor graphic flaws, it is a fun and fast game to play for whenever you have friends over. And why do I say friends? Well, simply because good friends make the best enemies. Just grab a weapon and get in there, you'll see what I mean. And when you see your buddy stand next to a pit, why not give him or her a nudge... just for fun. This is Sp... ehm, Muchkin!

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Asmodee Digital
November 19, 2019