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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on September 12, 2016

It's always tough to be the president's daughter; there's never a moment when you're not in the spotlight and people will want to know what you're doing every damn second of the day. On top of that, you have very little health, you just can't seem to climb down ladders or jump down from ledges or, for that matter, do anything else that cringe and cry when someone comes at you. And, oh yes, sinister cults from an unspecified rural part of Spain will want to kidnap you and take you to their secret castle hideout. You think that last part was a bit too specific? Well pal, try walking a mile in my shoes and see what you think then!

I am Leon Kennedy, and I used to be a cop in Raccoon City. Or, at least, I was for about a day. There I was, all bright-eyed and thrilled to have the best job ever when, suddenly, zombies started crawling all over the place, happily munching on the brains of the population of Raccoon City. It took me and a young lady named Claire Redfield quite some time to set things right but, in the end, we did. I would like to tell you all about the incident, but that story will have to wait until another day. After the incident, I had my fill of zombies and requested to be transferred away from all this mess. Now, six years later, I'm heading to a little Spanish village where, according to US intelligence, the President's daughter is held captive by a mysterious cult called Los Illuminados. And guess who is the lucky guy that gets to play wet-nurse to this spoiled little brat? Yep... ME!!! This job REALLY sucks...

As you may have guessed, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; I am not Leon Kennedy. This little farce was only meant to illustrate my feelings, not towards the game as a whole, but rather towards the predicament Leon is currently in and my total disdain for the character of Ashley Graham, aka the President's daughter. As the more perceptive of you might have already noticed, this story is going to be about Resident Evil 4. And not about any regular old Resident Evil 4, but the brand new PS4 and Xbox One remastered versions of this awesome game!

As the last of three remastered versions of Resident Evil games this year, Resident Evil 4 takes us back to 2005 and lets us relive the game that forever changed the face of the most influential horror/survival series of all times. No more static camera's that, from time to time, made your character behave like a contestant in the 100-yard dash for people with no sense of direction. Instead, Capcom opted for an ‘over-the-shoulder' camera approach, effectively following the protagonist at all times. From a visual standpoint, this viewpoint made playing Resident Evil 4 a completely different experience than any other game in the series. It meant that, when you entered a room, you could finally see what was standing right in front of you, instead of waiting for the tell-tale groans, footsteps, growls and screeches to divulge the presence of enemies.

With this all new camera comes the possibility to interact with the environments in all new ways. Kicking down or raising up ladders, jumping in or out of buildings through open windows and finishing off stunned enemies with a hefty kick make life somewhat easier while making your way through rural Spain, dispatching violent villagers (known as Las Ganados) left and right. Noticeably, Resident Evil 4 seemed to have left zombies behind, in favor for these fanatics and their leader: Lord Saddler. Normally, I would frown upon any long-standing horror series that abandons their main horror element in favor of another, but Resident Evil 4 didn't lose any of its credibility in doing so. The farming community in this unspecified Spanish region are creepy as hell, and the religious zealots inhabiting the nearby castle are downright menacing. Furthermore, Capcom seems keen on keeping at least the infestation-part of their Resident Evil games intact. Once in a while, you might already be congratulating yourself on a well-aimed headshot, but the joy only lasts for a split-second. After your enemy's head explodes, a tentacle with razor sharp hooks sprouts from the character's head and starts flailing wildly about, making this enemy even more deadly. Add an evil midget napoleon character to the mix and you're sure to have a wonderful time playing this awesome adventure!

Which brings us to 2016, and the re-released version of this masterpiece for PS4 and Xbox One. This HD version is based on the 2014 PC release of the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition and features the same overhauled graphics and other enhancements. So no, it's not a new version, built from the ground up, but rather an excellent port of the aforementioned 2014 PC version, which looked a hell of a lot better than its 2005 counterpart. And, because the port has been optimized for current-gen consoles, its performance is outstanding! I personally haven't encountered any glitches or malfunctions whatever.

So if you haven't played Resident Evil 4 yet, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what all the fuss back in 2005 was about. If you, on the other hand, have played Resident Evil 4, then you'll probably know what all the fuss was about and have probably fussed over the game yourselves. But don't let that stop you playing this game on one of your brand new consoles! This remaster gives gamers who are fairly new to the Resident Evil Series a unique look into one of the more pivotal games within said series, while giving long-time fans the opportunity to relive the glorious moments of what is arguably one of the best horror-survival games ever made!

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August 30, 2016