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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on June 19, 2017

Man, is it hot today or what? Yes, I know that this is a silly question, because you and I are probably not even remotely in the same place at this time, but trust me. It's bloody hot where I am! This is why I thought to myself: "Maybe it is time to cool off!" And what better place to do just that than in the ever-cool Siberia? So let's join American lawyer Kate Walker as she continues her adventure in the third installment in the Syberia series!

The events of Syberia 3 are set a short while after the ending of the game's predecessor, Syberia II. We meet up with Kate after she has abandoned the island of Syberia and sets her sails for home. Sometime later, Kate and her ragged boat are found, washed up on shore. The boat is in tatters and Kate is unconscious. Luckily, the people who found her, a nomadic tribe known as the Youkol, bring her to a doctor immediately where Kate eventually awakes and our game begins...

As we join Kate on her adventure, we meet a cast of characters, each with their own set of problems they would like you to solve for them. Yes, as in any point 'n click adventure out there, people are seemingly not capable enough to solve their own problems, so it's up to the protagonist to solve everybody's problems. Syberia 3 is no exception to this rule. Although the first problem you encounter, getting out of the hospital, is your own problem, the rest of the game sees Kate trying to help the Youkol with their main problem: getting their Snow Ostriches back to their breeding grounds. So, once again, our brave Kate does what she has been doing best for three games now; helping other people reach their goal and help them fulfill their dreams!

To do so, Kate will have to solve numerous puzzles along the way, so make sure you've fired up your grey matter before attempting to play this game! Some of the puzzles are quite easy; get object "a" and combine it with object "b", but some of them are quite intricately built and will take quite some effort to solve. I like the fact that, while the puzzles in Syberia 3 can be quite challenging, they're never nigh impossible to solve!

Visually, Syberia 3 looks great; The environments are filled with little details are really beautiful. It doesn't matter whether you're in the hospital, in the town of Valsembor or in any of the other lush environments the game will guide you through, they are all crafted with a lot of care and attention to detail! The characters are really nicely done and they each have a personality of their own. Top that with a soundtrack that enhances the situation you might be currently in and you have a winner. Throughout the entire series, Syberia has always managed to surprise us with cool, loveable characters and challenging gameplay and Syberia 3 does just that! It even adds decent controller support, so people can play it from the comfort of their couch.

I would like to apologize if this review seems overly short, but I really want you to play Syberia 3 and discover everything there is to see and do for yourselves. So you can surely imagine that telling the entire story here would ruin half of the fun. Therefore, I cannot and will not go into too much detail as far as the story is concerned. All I can say is that, if you loved playing Syberia I and II, you're going to feel right at home playing this latest installment in the series!

available on:

Micro´ds & Anuman Interactive
April 20, 2017 (EU)
April 25, 2017 (NA)