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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on November 12, 2018

Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. It's always good to see so many of you reading these reviews! Today is actually a trip down memory lane for me. No, no, don't worry; I will not be using the dreaded Big Red Timemachine; I will instead simply reminisce about a time when I was younger... considerably younger!

The year is 2009 when developer FrozenByte and publisher Nobilis release a action / puzzle / platform game called Trine. The basic premise of the game is that there are three unwitting heroes: Zoya the Thief, Amadeus the Wizard and Pontius the Knight. Zoya is an accomplished cat burglar that is more the strong and silent type than any of the other two heroes. Amadeus is a not to bright and somewhat cowardly practitioner of magic with a unrequited fondness for the ladies and lastly, there's Pontius the Night, sword and shield wielding defender of honor, truth and, most importantly, the buffet!

Now, all three of these heroes are linked by one thing, and one thing alone: The Trine; a mystical object that transports all three of them to a mystical forest, filled with strange flora, dangerous obstacles and deadly enemies. Our trio will have to work together if they even want to stand a chance of surviving this mystical ordeal. Luckily, each of our heroes brings their specific set of abilities to the proverbial table. Zoya uses her crossbow to shoot arrows into enemies and obstacles and makes good use of her grappling hook when swinging across large gaps. Amadeus can conjure objects out of thin air and move them wherever he likes through the use of his magic spells. Pontius uses his sword to decimate enemy forces or hack through ropes and cables, and his shield can stop practically every projectile hurled at the group. It can even bounce some projectiles back at the attacker.

When I first started playing Trine, I was strongly reminded of a game I absolutely love to pieces for quite a number of years, namely The Lost Vikings. Like this game, Trine is also about utilizing each of the character's abilities to overcome a series of dangers. Unlike the Lost Vikings, however, you don't simply whizz to and fro while switching between the characters. Instead, you magically transform into another character if you switch between them, instead of being transported to the location that particular character is in at that moment. What this does, is let you focus on your character more easily, without having to run up and down the same level twenty times which, I have to admit, also have its charm, but this approach works better for this game.

Gamers from around the world loved Trine so much, that FrozenByte even released a sequel in 2011, the aptly named: Trine 2. Another sequel, Trine 3: Artifacts of power was released four years later, in 2015, but not before the first game in the series was completely remade, using Trine 2's engine. This remake, which was called Trine: Enchanted Edition, was released in 2014 for PC, the Playstation 4 and the Wii U. And now, another four years later, this Enchanted Edition is finally available on Nintendo's latest console; the much beloved Nintendo Switch!

The two major differences between the original Trine and the Enchanted Edition (aside from being available for even more platforms) was its completely overhauled graphics and the addition of an online multiplayer mode, as well as the ability to save the game mid-level. As far as changes to this formula, the Switch version doesn't make any. The game still looks and sounds absolutely beautiful and it's playable in online and local coop for up to three players, making good use of the Switch Joy-Cons. Because the controls are fairly simple (which can surely not be said for the game itself!) and easy to learn. You might find yourself searching for the right button at first when things get hectic, but you'll soon notice that this uncertainty quickly disappears as you play the game.

As I've mentioned earlier, Trine still looks truly awesome. Now, I already liked the original game, but by rebuilding it, using the Trine 2 engine, the developers at FrozenByte made sure the game looks even more stunning and can be played by an entire new generation of gamers without feeling outdated in any way! Also, the gameplay is still as challenging as it was on day one! "And exactly how challenging was that?", I hear you ask? Well, let's just put it this way. It is in no way undoable, but I've actually completed fairly complex math exams with more ease. It's this sizeable measure of challenge that makes Trine the super fun game it is. The physics based puzzles are really fun to wrap your head around and solve, while the enemies can be truly dangerous at times, while being nothing more than a minor nuisance at other times.

Trine is a beautifully balanced game of wits and agility and the Enchanted Edition for the Nintendo Switch only adds more gamers to its ever-growing community. The game looks amazing on TV when the Switch is docked and equally so when you use your Switch console in handheld mode. Now, you can play Trine everywhere and at any time you like, be it alone or with friends. Take the magic and adventure with you wherever you go and get to the bottom of the mystical mystery that is the Trine! I have personally loved playing Trine since the day it came out for PC and am glad that a whole new batch of gamers will have the opportunity to play this awesome game!

available on:

November 9, 2018 (Nintendo Switch)
March 2015 (Wii U)
July - December 2014 (PC / Linux / OS X / PS4)