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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on May 26, 2014

Exactly 1257 days after the New Order was established and 907 days after the Old Blood was spilled, there is a new boss in town! And what a boss it is, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! So come with me as I take a stroll through Nazi infested America and try to spark the biggest revolution this world has ever seen. Yes, it is time to, once again, take on the role of William "B.J." Blazkovicz, a.k.a. "Terror Billy" and save the world from Nazi scum in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus!

Rejoice, rejoice; a new Wolfenstein has arrived. Now, I've been a fan ever since Wolfenstein 3D made its way into my life on my trusty Olivetti M290 computer in 1992 and have remained a fan ever since. I cannot, for the life of me, recall one single Wolfenstein game since then that I didn't like. So it's always an exhilarating time for me when a new game in the series is released and this year is no exception to that rule!

It's an alternate version of 1961 in which the Nazi's have won WWII and have subsequently taken the world by storm. Our hero is rescued by his comrades after the events of the New Order and is taken back to Eva's Hammer, the German U-boat you've managed to capture during the New Order. Fading in and out of a coma, B.J. manages to survive his ordeal, albeit in a seriously weakened state. The moment he wakes up from his coma, the U-boat is under attack from frau Engel, the female German General whose lover you killed in the previous game. You manage to fight your way through the attacking Nazis, only to witness his girlfriend, Anya and either Fergus or Wyatt (depending on who you choose in a flashback at the start of the game) being captured by frau Engel and taken to her flying fortress, the "Ausmerzer".

Now, being the unrelenting badass he is, B.J. will not stand for it and devises a plan to free his love and his friend from the evil and slightly disfigured clutches of frau Engel. He lets himself get captured in order to get close to his latest nemesis and to stop her dead in her tracks once and for all. Alas, things go awry pretty quickly and B.J.'s plan backfires quite seriously. Although he manages to free Eva's Hammer from the mechanical claws of the Ausmerzer, this victory comes at a high price; a price that leaves B.J. contemplating how much longer he can even go on...

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Wolfenstein game series and the third entry in this series to be developed by MachineGames. Its events take place right after the events of The New Order, making The New Colossus a straight sequel to this game. This is immediately apparent when watching the introductory movie, in which B.J. is saved from the platform where we last saw him at the end of The New Order. Also, a series of flashbacks from this game are incorporated into the intro of the New Colossus, most notably the choice you had to make between Fergus and Wyatt. And, as if making this choice once wasn't grueling enough, the developers make us choose between the two once more... thanks guys!

So, why do we have to make this dreadful choice once more? Well, because the developers thought it would be cool to follow the storyline for both choices and decided to do exactly that when creating The New Colossus. So, depending on which of the two guys you choose, the story will alter a bit. Some scenes will play out a bit differently and you will receive a different weapon, depending on who you chose to save. It won't affect the overall outcome of the game, but it is fun and if you choose differently the next time, you can really notice all the small changes that occur when playing. I personally think this is great fun and would like to give the developers two thumbs up for making this decision!

Visually, The New Colossus looks nothing less than stunning. The attention to detail that went into creating the world and characters is astounding. It really helps to get more into the story and increases the already stupendous amount of fun there is to be had while playing the game. The weapons you come across look and sound awesome and can all be upgraded using upgrade kits. These kits are hidden throughout the level, so always keep your eyes open for them, for using them will definitely make your life easier!

What I also like is the fact that you're not this overpowered super soldier when you start off the game. Especially taking into account the events of The New Order, it would not have been credible to have B.J. wake from a five month coma and immediately have him running, jumping and slaying like nothing happened. Even the inner monologue you get treated to during the game seems to emanate some sort of hopelessness and resign on B.J.'s part that he might not win this one. I really like the way the developers have made this character, who is easily one of the most iconic characters of all times, more relatable and human, without completely sacrificing his natural badass self.

And, of course, what game would be complete without collectibles? Wolfenstein: The New Colossus lets you search for and collect quite a few items. Among other things, you can collect upgrade kits: I have mentioned these nifty things earlier on. They do exactly what you would suspect from an item with this name; they can be used to upgrade your weaponry. Then there are Star Cards: small collectible cards, reminiscent of old baseball cards. Another type of card that you can collect is the Enigma Card: these useful cards are dropped by commanders and can be used to pinpoint the location of Nazi Oberkommandanten. When you've pinpointed the location of such an Oberkommandant, you can use the map in the war room of Eva's Hammer to travel to that location and kill the Oberkommandant in question. In doing so, you are helping the resistance in reclaiming territories that currently belong to the Nazis.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus truly is an awesome rollercoaster of action, bullets and explosions and one hell of a back-story, filled with awesome characters and impressive scenes! There are quite a few of those "Oh no, they didn't just do that!" moments, paired with beautiful environments and truly awesome gameplay. It had everything the New Order (and The Old Blood) had, but manages to be even better, more action-filled, more graphic, quite a bit more disturbing; in short, this new Wolfenstein is bigger, better and more badass than ever before!

The only downside to The New Colossus is that I have already finished the game. Not that it is a short game by any means! It's just that, when you start playing, you will not want to stop! It's an experience that you hope will never end. The New Colossus has absolutely everything anyone could want from a first person shooter and more... much, much more! I can heartily recommend Wolfenstein: the New Colossus to... well, everybody, actually. As long as you're old enough, you should definitely play this game. I can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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Machine Games & Bethesda Softworks
October 27, 2017