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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on July 31, 2019

Goodmorning boss. I'm afraid I have bad news. I can't come into work today. Why? Well, because my car is in the shop right now. What's wrong with it? Well, there's blood and guts clogging up the radiator, the front and rear bumper are hanging on by a thread and, oh yeah, I'm having miniguns and flamethrowers installed on either side of the hood. What have I been doing? Well, boss, I could tell you, but you probably wouldn't believe me if I did...

Now, imaging having to make such a call. Now, I know it might seem a bit far-fetched, but imagine, if you will, not being able to get to your job, because you've pretty much destroyed your car by driving through hordes of zombies, rescuing trapped survivors all over the city or even taking out other drivers in a fierce battle-racing competition. Sounds good, you say? Well, then jump right in the passenger seat and come with me as we do exactly that! Naturally, ladies and gentlemen, I haven't really been running down hordes of the undead in my trusty car, but what I did do is pick up my Switch and play Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition!

Yes! Zombie driver, the zombie-splattering battle-racing game, developed and published by Polish-based independent game studio, EXOR Studios, races its way onto our Nintendo Switch. And how! The zombie Driver Immortal Edition for the Nintendo Switch is almost identical to the HD Edition, released a couple of years back for the Xbox One and contains the original game in HD, including every blood-drenched bit of DLC that was ever created for the game! The main difference is that you can now cause motorized mayhem wherever you go, due to the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch!

Time for some background info: The world, boys and girls, has truly gone to shit. That is to say, it is completely overrun by one of the, if not THE best known and most commonly used enemy known to man in modern fiction: the zombie. Now, Zombie Driver makes you part of the solution to this problem and puts you behind the wheel of a motorized zombie dismemberment device, otherwise known as a car. You must drive around the city, killing as much zombies as you possibly can while completing various missions, given to you by fellow zombie apocalypse survivors. The main map on which the game takes place, is quite large and varied enough to keep being entertaining. Different portions of it are unlocked as you progress through the game's story mode.

So, you're in a car, zombies in front of you, zombies in back of you. What do you do? Of course, hit the gas and go, right? Well, if it was that simple, we wouldn't need any weapons or nitrous, now would we? You see, while the smaller zombies are easy to run down, it becomes quite a different story when there's A LOT of them or when they get bigger. If that happens, your car might get bogged down in this sea of the undead and sustain more damage than it was designed to take, resulting in your death. Now, to prevent that, you can use your weapons and nitrous oxide. The nitrous gives you that extra bit of power, which lets you plough through a large group of undead with much more ease. Apart from this engine power boost, your weapons... well, I think we can all imagine what your weapons are used for, now can we? Yes, correct! These mechanical marvels help you take the "un" out of "undead"!

The game offers three distinct game modes. First up is the main, story-driven solo mission, in which you are to be the savior of a lot of people and the bringer of death for countless zombies. While playing through the story, you earn cash and upgrades, both geared towards the improving of your current vehicle, or the purchasing of a brand new one. The Immortal Edition features 13 drivable vehicles, ranging from a humble cab to a fully-fledged tank! Your cars can be kitted out with all manner of wonderful weaponry and other upgrades, making it even more lethal than it already is.

The second game mode is called Blood Race and is pretty much what you would suspect, given its title. It's an arcade-style race to the finish line, but with zombies and weapons thrown into the mix. The Blood Race mode itself comes in three variants: Race, Eliminator and Endurance, the first two of which are pretty self-explanatory. Race is what the title implies; a mad dash to the finish, interspersed with zombies and lots and lots of bullets! Eliminator has you trying to destroy as many opponents (who are also driving cars) as humanly possible within a certain time. Now, from the name of the third variant of the Blood Race mode, you might think it's a rally style 24-hour race or something like that. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth! Somehow, someone strapped a bomb to your car and started the timer. Now it's up to you to reach checkpoints along the way before said timer reaches zero...

The third and final game mode goes by the illustrious name of Slaughter Mode. This mode offers you the chance to square off against endless waves of undead enemies in an arena style environment. Can you stay alive the longest and kill the most zombies without succumbing to this undead onslaught? Challenge your friends and see you name rise on the leaderboards. So, as you can see, Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition offers something for everyone who likes zombies and racing / vehicular combat games.

Although the top-down perspective does give the game a bit of a GTA-vibe (the vibe we got back in the day from the very first two GTA games, that is), Zombie Driver is anything but a simple copy of these games with zombies thrown in. The game's graphics are awesome and it handles like a charm. I must say, the Switch version performs perfectly, so it doesn't drop the ball (or frames, for that matter) when a multitude of zombies comes rushing towards you on-screen!

Now, if you're looking for a deep story and skill trees with millions upon millions of ever-expanding branches, please go look somewhere else, but if you're in for a bit of good old-fashioned zombie killing and racing fun, look no further! If that is what you love, then Zombie Driver Immortal Edition is right up your alley! Because of its multiple game modes, simple but effective upgrade mechanic and tons and tons of zombies, the game is a game that you can play for hours on end, as well as pick up for a quick few laps of Blood Racing when you haven't got tons of time to spare! The game does what it should and does it very well, I might add. Zombie Driver is one of those titles that should reside proudly in your Nintendo Switch game collection!

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EXOR Studios
July 25, 2019