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By Jackie "UniGameJackie" Verweij on February 19, 2019

Do you know that feeling as a gamer when you finish a game? That feeling of: "wow!", but at the same time, you can feel other thoughts tingling in the back of your mind, like: "It's over? What now? I want more." This happened to me after finishing Far Cry 5. I played this game several times, again and again. I even bought the soundtrack on vinyl, as well as the statue of Joseph Seed, the antagonist of the game! DumeeGamer's own Diana clearly felt the same enthusiasm as I did when she did her review of Far cry 5 and I fully agree on how she felt and experienced the game.

So yes, you could say I love Far Cry. And, by far, Far Cry 5 is my favorite. Story-wise, I do not want to spoil the game for you but just know this review of Far Cry: New Dawn is connected to Far Cry 5. Just sit back and let me explain why.

As you might remember, at the end of Far cry 5 the United States got nuked. 17 years later, residents of Hope County have kinda rebuilt their devastated world which, I must admit, doesn't look bad at all. I mean, there's so much beautiful nature around where there used to be mainly concrete. Although I am a huge nerd, I do love the outdoors too. as long as there aren't too many people around, that is. The world of Far Cry: New Dawn is truly beautiful. Bright pink flowers and lots and lots of green have overgrown many of the manmade structures of the old world. There are animals everywhere and rivers flow where there were none before. It's a perfect place to lazily dream away and I, for one, wouldn't mind living in such a gorgeous place!

Now, while the world recovered and changed into something beautiful, the humans who inhabit it did most certainly not! Even a nuclear explosion didn't cause them to change one little bit (no big surprise there.); There are still individuals who think they have more rights than others and remain nasty, greedy, ruthless tyrants who want to have it all and for whom enough is never enough. They simply take everything people have worked hard for, knowing full well that their victims don't stand a chance of surviving this vast open world without the things taken. Of course, we will not stand for this kind of nefarious behavior, so it is up to you to save these people and stop this madness!

Far Cry: New Dawn does not mark the start of a new story. The game is a spin-off from Far cry 5 and everything about feels that way. I'm inclined to say this because it's not as big as Far Cry 5 and the story and characters in this game don't feel as complete as they did in the previous installment in the series. Yes, I know I'm running the risk of being called spoiled, but that simply is how I feel. With that being said; This doesn't mean that Far Cry: New Dawn is a bad game. Not at all, actually; it really is a blast to play!

You will assume the role of a brand new character, whose gender and race can be customized to your liking. And there's some really good news: guns for hire is back and, even more importantly, so is fangs for hire! Some of the characters we met in Far Cry 5 will also make an appearance in New Dawn. As you progress through the game, you will meet several specialists who can help you. They each have their own missions and abilities, which will help you get stronger and better, so you can better face your opponents: the Higwaymen. These not-so-very-nice people are a rough band of thugs, lead by twin sisters Mickey and Lou.

I have to say, Ubisoft totally nailed the gunplay and the side missions in New Dawn. Plus, they let you start your adventure in the center of the map, letting you decide how and where to go. You can loot, shoot and boot your way through the remnants of Hope County and it feels so good! You have the option to approach the enemies you'll encounter with either stealth or go full-on mad mode open combat (like me). To do so, you'll have a number of weapons at your disposal. My absolute favorite in this department is the saw blade. It's a new addition to the Far Cry universe and man, do I wish there were more weapons like this one. I am such a fan of post-apocalyptic-self-made junk, and this beast of a weapon blasts saw blades, which even bounce around after hitting something, just like I was bouncing with joy when I first saw this happen (and, to be honest, every time after that).

I was lucky enough to take down enemies by using walls and cars to ricochet the blades off of. After that, it became a challenge for me to take enemies down with a trick shot like that. IT felt especially good when one of those twat-waffles was cowering behind some damn cover and I still managed to hit them with a trick shot! Besides this awesome, saw-blade spewing harbinger of death and dismemberment, the other weapons in the game are more or less like we're used to; Sniper rifles, assault and submachine guns, as well as some heavy artillery like rocket launchers and flamethrowers litter the game's world and are just begging to be used!

I got lost in the game quite a few times. Wait, let me rephrase that: I didn't get lost I the "I don't know where the hell I am" way. Instead, I managed to lose myself while just looting around, going on a treasure hunt or liberating enemy encampments or outposts, the latter two of which become fast travel points if you manage to liberate them which, as you can probably imagine, really comes in handy from time to time. The outposts can be used to manufacture ethanol fuel or raided for resources, which leaves the outposts open for the highwaymen to swoop in and reclaim their lost territory. No worries, you can still get them back again, but it will be a bit more difficult the next time around.

Far Cry: New Dawn won me over, yet again, just like Far Cry 5 did just under a year ago. The game will keep you busy (as well as thoroughly amused) for hours on end. When I got the game, I also received an extra vehicle that seemed to be tailor made for me: a unicorn trike! I lost hours and hours of my life running around in or driving through Hope County, but I have no regrets whatsoever and it so worth it! Far Cry: New Dawn was released on 15 February. Now, I know Valentine's day is on the 14th, but to me, Valentine's day came 24 hours later, when I received my copy of this awesome game. I sincerely want to write a love letter to the developers and thank them! Hearts from Jackie! Also to you, dear readers; always remember to #sharethelove

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February 15, 2019