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By Jackie "UniGameJackie" Verweij on February 1, 2019

What defines a hero? I mean, I think about this every now and then and I always enjoy to hear other people's opinions on this question. Simply because the answer you get is almost never the same. Some love fictional heroes, while others go for real-life heroes. Whatever the answer may be, it tells so much about that person which, to me, is beautiful. Anyway, my dear reader, just a strain of thoughts for you. For today we will be talking about Heroes Trails!

I hadn't heard of this particular game before I received it. Nor did I hear of the developer before, Shinyuden. But another thing I love to do is putting in the effort to research and getting to know the story behind the games I review. Heroes Trials is no exception to this rule. The origin of the game is all about a love for the RPG and adventure game genre and making a dream come true.

In Hero Trials, you play as Elia and Zoel, two siblings who are on their way to complete ten trails/tests that are put in place in order to prepare them for the final challenge. If they overcome said challenge, they will move on to becoming the defenders of their home town. As you play, you can switch between the two Heroes, which does come in very handy because both Elia and Zoel have their own fighting styles. You will have to combine their abilities to solve puzzles that are scattered throughout the trails and to beat the bosses with a nice strategy twist.

You can explore the island freely, but you will also have to clear the trails on time. There is also the possibility to find hidden treasures all over the Island, so play the game the way you like it! All in all, Hero Trials doesn't have that much game time, as is to be expected from an indie game, right? I would recommend this game for the young gamers among us to introduce them to the RPG experience. It is nice and fast-paced and, because of this, the game does stay interesting at all times. If you are a trophy hunter, you will probably have every trophy there is to collect in no time and without even breaking a sweat.

Personally, I wouldn't call Hero Trials a brainteaser, but the gameplay is simple and smooth and really easy to understand. As far as the game's graphics are concerned, I really like the colorful surroundings and characters. Combined with a nice soundtrack, everything comes together really well. So, to sum it all up, if I had a kid this would be a great game for them to play. (I tried getting my cat to play it, but it didn't seem interested) If it's trophies you're after, you can also give this game a whirl, because it is perfect for a trophy hunt.

For a relatively short game, Hero Trials offers enough variation in gameplay to keep the game interesting with its fun combination of puzzles, adventure, speed-running and bosses. I did notice myself comparing it to other 'bigger' games from time to time which, to be honest, isn't fair. I always aim to see every game separately and value it for what it is. I do really like the concept behind Hero Trials and I sincerely hope Shinyuden will keep on developing more games!

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January 22, 2019