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By Kevin "Methodone89" van Dongen on March 4, 2015

Harder, better, faster, stronger...

Last week we witnessed the birth of a new chapter in Resident Evil history, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 1 (Penal Colony). This week, we pick up from where we left the four protagonists at the end of the season premiere. It's time for Episode 2: Contemplation...

Contemplation sees Barry Burton still shaken from the news that the radio message from his daughter Moira, that drew him to the island, is six months old. According to Natalia, Moira is dead. Contrary to what you might think, Barry refuses to believe that, and it's just this stubbornness that makes him even more determined to track down his daughter. Meanwhile, Natalia has an encounter with a figure from her past, who leaves her again just as fast as he appeared...

Claire and Moira's focus is lies mainly on escaping the penitentiary, but they'll need to overcome more than just a rusty lock and a few enemies. They continue to be bugged by the mysterious villain in an intriguing story thatís getting more interesting by the minute.

In this second episode, Co-op plays a much more important role than in the first episode, with even more character specific abilities. The downside of Co-op is the lack of physical strength in your partners; Moira for instance, is in no way close to being a badass that kills zombies. She dislikes guns and doesnít want to use them at all. This makes her fragile and tough to play with. And let it be known that I donít like my women weak. Itís true that she can deal some damage with her crowbar, but not nearly enough to be a badass. Moira can be used as bait, but this only works out well if sheís player controlled, so grab a buddy and play together, thatís the best (if not only) way to go in Revelations 2.

Raid Mode
Raid Mode had some upgrades as well! With new levels and two new characters to play: Pedro and Gabe, the game mode gets even better and better. Raid Mode is one of the biggest assets in Revelations 2, and with every episode comes even more content, so I'm excited!

Contemplation is just what the doctor prescribed; it's bigger, better, harder, faster and youíll need to be stronger. This episode has a much faster pace, a chase scene, tough boss battles, and even fewer supplies than episode 1. Where Episode 1 was a bit too easy at times, Contemplation makes up for it, with hard boss battles and new enemies that are harder to kill and attack in greater numbers than ever before. It made up for the small flaws of episode 1 and makes Revelations 2 an even greater game than it already was. The story is great and creates a feeling that even more is to come. I for one canít wait until Episode 3 is released, or more specifically, the raid content that comes with this upcoming episode.

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March 4, 2015