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By Kevin "Methodone89" van Dongen on October 16, 2015

Saint Seiya was once a popular Manga series, back in the 80's. It even managed to be a decent Anime series in the 90's. So I guess that only leaves one question: does the latest Saint Seiya video game honor the franchise as it should?

To be honest, Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul doesn't do anything spectacular compared to previous games, but does deliver in the areas that matter. Soldiers soul is the latest addition to the video game catalogue of Saint Seiya and lets you relive all the important battles and the stories behind them. Battle your way from the Twelve Zodiac Temples arc to the battles against Hades, as well as other surprises. Relive Saint Seiya's memorable storyline through a selection of 3D cutscenes.

The game is developed by Dimps, who also has worked on the Dragon Ball Z titles in the past few years. They did an amazing job with the latest Dragon Ball game Xenoverse and continue to be amazing by co-developing Street Fighter V, produced by Capcom.

The storyline of Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul is based on the new anime series, Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold, which aired in Japan and features all new Gold saints with God Cloths. Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul runs on 1080p and at 60fps on PlayStation 4 and PC and I didn't experience any drops or other issues when I played the PS4 versions. However, I do have to say that the loading screens take quite long for a game that's focused on such a small arena. The game has English text but no English voiceovers, which I think is a good thing. I will always opt for the original voice acting, because generally speaking, the original voices are way better.

Saint Seiya is an anime based fighting game at heart and a pretty decent one, I may add. Dimps, who have quite some experience with fighting games, developed the game and that's always a good thing in my book. The fighting looks and feels very similar to their latest project, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which is also a good thing. Instead of using Kamehameha's and such, you use the Saint Seiya versions of these moves and ultimate attacks are similar to Big Bang Attacks. Dimps has adjusted the Big Bang Attacks so they are easier to input, compared to Brave Soldiers. They've also tweaked how much damage these moves do.

Players can now also activate a Cosmos Blast which changes the scenery to a space-like environment for just an instance. When this is activated you'll have a limited amount of time in which you are in a power up period and you'll have the chance to end this mode with a Big Bang Attack. On top of all this awesomeness, Dimps also added air combos to Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul plus a mix of long range and short range attacks. The only thing this game doesn't seem to feature is attack canceling.

I came to the following conclusion going through the many modes Soldiers Soul has to offer: “I can't fight with Cygnus Hyoga and I'm amazing with Dragon Shiryu” For some reason I will always die when I use Cygnus Hyoga and I almost had the continue screen burned on my retina, just as I will never forget the agonizing words coming from my controller's speaker. I can almost speak these words in Japanese fluently because of the sheer amount of times I died when playing as Hyoga. Shiryu, on the other hand, plays like a Fei Long and Marshall Law hybrid and is absolutely fast and fierce, He's my favorite and one of the many reasons I could end a certain amount of stages with an 'S' ranking.

Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul is a pretty decent anime fighter that offers a great amount of gameplay and even some much needed replay value. For the Saint Seiya veterans there isn't much new to do, but for newcomers this is an amazing experience.

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Dimps & Bandai Namco Games
October 6, 2015