By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on June 29, 2015

OK, letís try another approach to MOBA games, since our boss doesnít know how to and doesnít seem overly excited to play them. So letís play something thatís a bit more arcade-like, featuring cool music, 2d gameplay and an awesome sound track to go with it.

Awesomenauts is a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) that doesnít follow the meta, doing a 3 v3 instead of a 5v5,2D graphics instead of 3D and seems to be more based on having fun then on the competitive side of gaming.

The story is that you are hired by a space company to get rid of the competition. This competition however, seems to have had the same idea and hired its own mercenaries who look suspiciously like the band of space heroes on your team. The only difference between you and your opponents is the teamís color. And they seem to be every bit as bent on destroying you than you are on destroying themÖ Essentially, Awesomenauts pulls the same tricks as any self-respecting MOBA does: killing minions, pushing towers, defending your own base, and so on. But the art style, music and overall feel of the game is what really sets it apart from other titles in the same category.

The characters are absolutely the best part of this game, because Ronimo Games didnít feel the need to make them overly serious and brooding. Awesomenauts features a throng of really cool characters, like: a Russian space monkey, a monk based on a god that a Youtuber created and a mobster on a puffer fish, just to name a few. So basically, everything that would have made this game just one of the grey masses seems to have been thrown out of the window from the get-go. Every character has their own theme song which makes them even more unique and fun to play (Personally, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gnaws theme, itís so fun and jumpy).

What I like about this, when compared to (for example) League of Legends or Dota is the huge amount of fun that you have when playing it and the in-game music. Furthermore, the game is competitive but not as rage inducing or aggravating as some of the other MOBA titles out there. And to top it all off, it is deceivingly easy to learn. Basically, if you can play a platform game, you can play Awesomenauts. So, when taking all these things into account, it really is AWESOME (cue the Lego Movie soundtrack).

Those of you who have read some of my other reviews know that I will eventually find something to nag about in every game I play. And let me just tell you, Awesomenauts didnít make it easy for me in that department. The only thing I could find to nag about was the number of maps and characters. When comparing Awesomenauts to other games in the genre (and yes, I know I might come off as a spoiled brat here), it seems to be a bit lacking in that department. If you look at Dota or League of Legends or even Heroes of the Storm, they all seem to have more heroes available. But hey, who knows? Maybe there will be a couple of cool DLC-packs to remedy this minor discomfort. I, for one, surely hope so, because this game deserves it! It really does its name justice.

But enough of my opinions, here is the opinion from our MOBA NOOB and boss (please donít fire me): Miss Dumeegamer!

Thanks Dungeonmaster. Oh and by the way, youíre not fired. But I would like to see you in my office after weíre done hereÖ But now, on to the game! I played Awesomenauts for the first time when attending Gamescom 2014. We had a blast with the guys from Ronimo Games playing Awesomenauts and Swords & Soldiers II. The diversity of characters, weapons and music was what I really liked about the game, and still do. Its comic-styled, fast-paced action shooter gameplay is really something else! And, Gaz the Dungeonmaster is right: Iím not the most experienced multiplayer gamer in this world, but when playing Awesomenauts, I found myself being able to play a multiplayer game for an extended period of time, without the game annoying me or me annoying Gaz too much with my noob antics. Itís easy to learn and enjoyable for all kinds of gamers. So yes, I would advise everybody to gather your friends and letís be Awesomenauts!

available on:

Ronimo Games
May 2, 2012 (PS3 & XBox 360)
August 1, 2012 (PC)
December 7, 2012 (OS X)
May 29, 2013 (Linux)
March 4, 2014 (PS4)
Summer 2015 (XBox One)