By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on June 8, 2015

Last Multiplayer Monday was a blast; I showed up late to the party because well my last encounter with a car didn't end well and left a big mental scar where my courage used to be. Luckily for me, that was fixed within three minutes of playing this game, mainly because I found out that driving like a maniac in a rusty monster truck is loads of fun. So start your engines, ladies and gentlemen, and wreck all that you can wreck in Crash Drive 2.

Usually, I start off by listing the positive points of a game, but this week, I thought I might mix up things a little (yes, I also like to live dangerously...) First up, the lack of story. I am a sucker for big and immersive stories, but this game has no story whatsoever. So while it is fun to drive around and bash the hell out of the scenery and opponents, driving around for points isn't really my cup of tea.

Second thing is the level progression, I don't really like it when two people have the same vehicle, but there's a difference in speed, nitro level or whatever is not skill based. Granted, you can buy the levels if you are lazy but that leaves less money for you to spend on cars.

Finally, the control over the camera, or better yet, the lack of control over it. Maybe this isn't true if you are playing this game with a controller, but when playing with keyboard and mouse I got frustrated quite a few times when I found myself in a tight space and couldn't see were I was going because the camera was all over the place.

Now, you might think I didn't like Crash Drive 2, but really, you couldn't be further from the truth. As you may have noticed, the issues I have are mostly personal. So I managed to overcome my trauma because the game offers a lot of positive points, almost too much to list here, so I went ahead and made a selection.

The game looks great; bright colors, toy-like cars and loopings and ramps that make you feel like you are kid again. The game controls are nice and responsive, when I pressed left my monster truck of destruction responded well and steered left immediately, so that a good thing. No simulation driving, just good old arcade-style racing fun!

Playing Crash Drive 2 gives you that old-school skate game vibe. Whenever you jump a ramp and soar through the air, you see a description of the stunts you've pulled at the bottom of the screen. And let's be honest, seeing "1080 spin + front flip + hang time" appear there will put a smile on everyone's face.

As I've said earlier, this game is loads of fun, so listing all its' great features would be too huge a task for this humble Dungeon Master. So the last feather I'm going to put in Crash Drive 2's cap is for the tank battle mode. I had been driving around in 'normal' mode for quite some time and thought that this was to be the extent of the game: no story, just driving around and jumping off stuff (which is pretty cool, but not for hours on end). But, as my mother always said, never judge a book by its cover. Crash Drive 2 surprises and delights us with an all-together different game mode: the Tank Battle mode. And damn, is it fun! In Tank Battle mode, you control a tank (duh) in an arena-like environment and try to annihilate every opponent you come across. It's chaotic, it's tense, it's high pace while not being stressful, but above all; it's FUN! See how I wrote that in capital letters? That's how much fun it is! There should be at least ten U's in fun when describing this mode, but that looked kind of weird, so I decided against it, but still... Man, what a great experience! There was so much fun packed into the game, it eventually broke Mr. Kebabs' internet connection. I can just imagine how his poor internet connection must have felt: "must... convey... fun... data-limit..straining. Can't... keep... up... Ah, who am I kidding... Oh waiter, check please!" (I'm sorry if Mr. Kebabs' internet connection sounds like Lone Starr, I just imagine it being like that)

So yes, I was a bit of a skeptic going into this game, but emerged a fan after playing it for a while. There's just something about doing a 720 back-flip, followed by a long-shot jump combined with an air shot combo, making you the absolute boss of the stage that puts a smile (or rather: a huge grin) on my face. And to top it all off, Crash Drive 2 let's you boost way in a tank and shoot your friends into tiny smithereens. I think they just made my day!

So that's my part of the story. Let's see what my fellow DumeeGamers have to say about this awesome game:

Michael "Mr. Kebabs" Schaap
I think Crash Drive 2 is a fun game. It kind of reminded me of the old Tony Hawk games. Just cruising through the levels and execute stunts in order to gain points. So for the same reasons those games have always been a lot of fun, Crash Drive 2 is fun as well. Also a nice feature is that if you are 'lazy' and you don't want to go through the hassle of leveling up your ride, you can just buy another one. If you are intent on leveling up your mechanical beast however, you don't have to get your panties in a twist; upgrading is easy and fast.

I also like the fact that you can own and drive several cars, and when I found out that there is also a battle tank mode incorporated into the game, I was sold immediately. This last mode reminded me of the battle option in Mario Kart, but with slightly less power-ups. I did have to get used to the control scheme for a bit, but that took me about all of five seconds to do. Crash Drive 2 is a fun game if you're not in the mood for extensive stories or complicated skill-trees and just want to do something crazy.

Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee
Crash Drive 2 is a very, very, very nice game to play with your friends. There are personal challenges and events in which you can compete against other players. Boredom is not an option, because there's tons of stuff to unlock. Throughout the game, you can earn points and money in different ways. You can complete challenges and events; that way you'll level up. I really like the collect events, in which you have to race as fast as you can and in doing so, collect the most coins. If you complete the first personal challenge you can join a game in the tank arena. Just choose a tank and shoot all the other players off the track. Playing Crash Drive 2 is really fun; for me it was kind of like playing the SSX games, but with cars. The game let's you perform the most idiotic stunts (which you can't pull off in real life, at least I wouldn't recommend it...) and earn points in doing so. So yes, Crash Drive 2 is a great game!

So after hearing all accounts, there's really only one conclusion we, the Multiplayer Monday crew, can come to. Therefore, we would like to advise you all to BUY THIS GAME! It's chaotic fun all around! Fair warning though: if you only like the lone-wolf-type, story-driven gameplay then this game probably isn't for you. But if you're into multiplayer mayhem, then just turn the ignition switch and blast off into the colorful world of hilarious stunt driving. Combine this with a conference call on Skype or invite a few people over and you are guaranteed to be screaming and laughing your asses off in no time at all!

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M2H Game Studio
May 28, 2015