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By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on March 28, 2018

Ok, I'm back again after being away for a long long long long long loooooooooooooong time. Oh, how I missed my old comfy dungeon. Even without my minion (who probably cried a lot when I left), it feels like home! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Gaz the Dungeon master is back! Well, I say back but, for the time being, it's only for a one time review about an amazing card game!

As you all know I just LOVE card games and, well, the most expansive and appreciated card game I know has to be Magic the Gathering. Now, I know this sounds like this is going to be a set review but it's really not; it's going to be a review of the latest product in a long line of cool stuff the Wizards of the Coast have come up with over the years, called Magic: the Gathering Arena.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the closed beta and, naturally, I seized this opportunity with both hands. Now, please do remember that we're talking about a beta release here, so not everything is there yet. But, on the other hand, what is there is amazing and really polished!

First of all, Magic: the Gathering Arena looks good; way better than the current Magic online which, to be honest, looks like was made with a toaster. a very old and decrepit toaster. Magic: the Gathering Arena is a completely different story; the cards look cool with cool artwork and the interface is crisp and smooth. Everything about the game simply feels and tastes like the modern online version of Magic the Gathering should.

Secondly, we all (or at least the ones among us that play the game) know that Magic the Gathering is a very complex game, filled to the absolute brim with triggers, activated effects, the stack, damage allocations, counters that need to be tracked, and so on! This new digital version does it all and, better yet, does it all in a awesome way! When you can activate something, it lights up. If you have the auto tap mana enabled, the game auto taps it for you. All these little ideas are really cool!

But, as we all know, with every good there has to be a bad. And, even though we, here at DumeeGamer (damn, it feels good to say that again!) value the positive of gaming above all, we also know that the "bad" sometimes needs to be mentioned. So, here are my two cents:

1. The auto tapping mechanic for the mana doesn't always work the way you want to. It sometimes taps the wrong lands for you. This is why I wish they would do the same as in the current Magic the Gathering online; you click a card to summon, it tells you what mana to pay and you just click it.

2. yes, even though the game is still in beta, the limited options are a bit annoying. You can only participate in ranked play, so if you want to test out decks, you can only do it in ranked. Want to go on a quest in order to earn some in-game currency? You'll have to do it in ranked. I just wish they implemented a casual format in the beta for general testing and goofing around and, well, other stuff.

Final Verdict:
Magic: the Gathering Arena is the future of online Magic. It feels crisp, clean and amazing and I'm sure it has an amazing future ahead. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the developers implement next and I hope they add all the different game modes, like commander, 2 headed dragon, arch enemy and, to put it succinctly, all the extra fun things Magic has to offer and which make Magic the awesome game it is!

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Wizards of the Coast
March 22, 2018