By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on May 22, 2015

Right, first of all: sorry for the late entry of this month's All Aboard... a month ago I had a minor accident with my trusty and noble steed (my bike). I was happily riding my steed when this vile metal monster (a car) with one blind eye wanted to be my friend en thought that it could hug me. I can tell you here and now that this is not something I would recommend...

I walked away from that with some minor bruising and a constant headache. This, together with the overwhelming workload of Multiplayer Monday (just kidding, I really like doing that) causes a situation where my head just isn't in the game as I want it to be... However, to all my faithful minions here I have a responsibility, so let's press on!

This month's All Aboard is a Triple danger of getting paper cuts with 3 card games. These small card games are a blast to play ,easy to learn and a great starter game or filler game. Can I have a drum roll please... Our first game isssssssssssssssss


This game is ever-changing and can be never-ending. Confusing? Let me explain. The rules in the game change constantly. At first you have the basic 4 rules, draw 1, play 1, no hand limit and no keeper limit.

As you play the game, the rules can (and will) change. All of a sudden, it's draw 5 cards, play 2, hand limit 1 and keeper limit 4. Apart from the rules, the goal can also change and your whole master plan blows up, but then again you can also do that to your opponent.

To win this game well you have to play goal cards, and on the card are the keeper cards you need to win the game. for example if there is the sweet death goal, you have to have the Chocolate keeper and the death card and then you win.

Fluxx comes in many varieties: Pirate fluxx, Zombie fluxx, Chtulu FLuxx and lastly my favorite, MONTY PYTHON Fluxx. Each variant has its own set of unique goals, keepers and rules, depending on the variant you are currently playing. This might mean that you'll have to moan like a zombie every time you get a zombie card or else something bad happens. This could also mean you'd have to sing a Monty Python song to gain a certain benefit. So, while humming 'Finland', we move on to our second game.


In Coup it's all about bluffing; you get two character cards that you have to keep a secret, and your job is simple: rule the city. There is a money pile in the middle of the table and for every 7 coins you may remove one of your opponent's character cards from the game.

Every character card has a special ability. For example: The captain can steal coins from another player or block another player from stealing your coins. The assassin has the power to pay 3 coins to instantly kill an opponent's character card. However, if you are being attacked by the assassin and you happen to have the Contessa card you capture the assassin, making the other player lose the character card.

You can lie about the character card you're using, but if someone calls your bluff and it turns out you've actually been lying about it, you lose a character card. If you tell the truth however, the opponent who accused you loses a life. So be careful who you call a liar... Coup is a fast and fun games that has the tendency to make everyone a bit paranoid. So let's continue on in our tale and see who our third contestant is.

Love Letter

We already did a review on this game here at, which you can read here. However, I would still like to mention it in this ultimate three game showdown. Love Letter is the perfect opener or quick card game to start off any game night, or even just to pass time during a lunch break. This is exactly why I absolutely love this game!

And now for the final verdict on all three games:

FLuxx - Randomness in a box. The weird rules can be great fun but also a major turn-off. Great small card game.

Coup - Bluffing for beginners. Get your friends paranoid and be the ruler of the City.

Love Letter - Who wouldn't like one? In my opinion the best game of the trio. It has it all: bluffing, deduction and randomness. It's absolutely the best of all worlds combined.

FLUXX - Loony Labs
COUP - Indie Boards & Cards
LOVE LETTER - Alderac Entertainment Group