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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on May 6, 2016

You might not be able to imagine this, but besides writing amazing reviews I do actually have a normal day to day job. So I am not playing around with apps all day; DumeeGamer is not paying me, so I can't enough to quit my job just yet ;-). As I may have mentioned before, in normal life I am a High School teacher. As I already managed to get several of my students hooked on the following app I will try to do the same to you. And because I am an economics teacher, this app is right up my alley!

So, if you're not living them right now, you might remember the good old days of high school. The current generation of students are addicted to their mobiles and tablets; unfortunately they are not allowed to use them, or even hold them during class. Each lesson it is a battle between the teacher and the mobile devices. Even more so when the May holiday approaches. So just imagine you are a 16 year old high-school student waiting until the holiday will finally start. As a teacher I just knew the last classes before the may break will be 0.0% productive, so I combined the love for apps with my teaching.

I will do the same exercise with you guys as I did with my students. Just imagine for once you are a 16 year old student of mine, and you just love me because I am the best and most amazing teacher you ever had. And yes, having a crush on your teacher is perfectly normal, but let's not go there! So, are you ready for class? Good, then let's start this little experiment.

Good morning all, go and sit at your desk and quiet down. To start this lesson I would like you to grab your mobile device and download the following app: Adventure capitalist. If you go to the app store or google play you will be able to find it very easily. According to some of my students, it's the one featuring the Fallout guy. Please go to the app store and download it, BUT DON'T OPEN IT YET!!!

First, I will explain the app shortly. As you might have guessed, in this app you are a capitalist, meaning you want to earn as much as money as possible. You will start small with a lemonade stand, like many entrepreneurs did, but you can grow and grow until you run your own oil company. Before you play I will give you guys 2 hints: 1) Look around for ALL the options (but don't go to events) and 2) INVEST INVEST INVEST.

Good, I think all of you have the app installed by now. You will get 10 minutes of time to get your business running as smoothly as possible. After those ten minutes you will have to close the app. If you done well the business keeps running as usual. Then after 15 minutes you are allowed to open it again and we will see who earned the most in 15 minutes. Ready? GO!

You can imagine the "chaos" that ensued when I said "GO". All the students love the race and are desperate to win. 10 minutes later, I let them close the app and explained a bit more about the app itself.

The main screen is a simple overview of all the companies you own and it shows the number of each company type in your possession on the left of your screen. You might, for instance, have 12 lemonade stands and 3 car washes. The higher the number of a certain type of company you own, the more you earn with each click. Yes, I literally mean with each click. At the start of your game, you'll be clicking on your lemonade stand like a mad man. At least, until you discover the menu and the option Managers. (As you might have guessed, some students were faster in discovering this feature than others were). The managers will take over the clicking, each of them for 1 specific company. So make sure you have the correct manager for each company. Trust me; doing this will make your life a lot easier and will make sure you don't do permanent damage to your fingers.

However, besides making sure your companies run smoothly, you should aim at getting a vast and wide-spread empire, meaning you should try to own as many stores of each company type as you possibly can. You will see a buy button which lets you purchase another store. Having more stores will increase your earnings per click. And having 25-50-100 etc. stores unlocked will give you extra bonuses. And again, some of my students figured out this game mechanic before others did. In the top-right corner of your screen, there is a multiplier. X1 x10 x100 or Max, meaning the amount of stores you buy with one click. And again, keep in mind that clicking once is easier than clicking a 100 times.

So you see, having a vast empire and good managers is one thing, and making sure you have the right amount of stores to unlock extras will also give you bigger earnings per minute. However, there is even more! As I said to the class as a second hint: INVEST. Combine this one with the first hint: look around, and you will end up in the menu once again. The menu can be found under the menu button at the bottom of your screen, or at the left side, depending on how you are holding your device. In this menu, you can also find any available upgrades. By using these upgrades, you are investing money into your companies. If done right, these investments will give you big returns *good ROI rates* because they multiply your profits. A hint that one of my students (who was already using the app) gave me is to conserve these upgrades as long as possible.

So, in short, to become a good capitalist, one must expand its empire by having as many as possible stores. Upgrade the stores to maximize profit and hire good managers. When you are doing well you will get investors: The so called angels (investors). When you have investors on your side, your profit will increase with a certain percentage for each angel, so it's the more the merrier! However, one will have to start over again to claim them. But the game did mentioned this and I will say it as well: IT IS GOD DAMN WORTH DOING IT!!!!!

And if the Earth is not enough for you, you can go to the moon and beyond (go to Mars). Here the same basic rules apply, only with different stores. So if you want to earn several octillions in just a few minutes go and play AdVenture Capitalist... class dismissed!

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Hyper Hippo
April 14, 2016 (version 3.3.0)