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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on January 16, 2019

I'm pretty sure there a only few people who haven't, at some point in their lives, dreamt of having their own business or to be part of an amazing international long lost love story... or even both! Well, I surely did and I think it's pretty safe to say that more people besides me also did, or still do. If you happen to be one of these people, you should really should go and get your hands on Delicious: Emily's True Love, or any other game in the amazing Emily series, for that matter.

Let me start off by telling you what the game is basically about. It is nothing more or less than a really fun and truly entertaining time management game, in which you take the role of our loveable protagonist: a young woman by the name of Emily. As Emily, you have your own restaurant/coffee house which you run all by yourself. Well, not just by yourself; you get some help from your loving parents. Your mother helps by cleaning the tables and the counter, while your dad. well, he is an amazing part of the inventory.

As you progress through the game, you start doing what every restaurant owner probably dreams of: expanding your restaurant. During the levels you will need to face several challenges you will have to complete successfully in order to earn points. These challenges are usually not that hard but some can be tricky and can even make you feel sorry for Emily. For example: your lovely future brother-in-law will pop by and eat and drink you poor. Plus, you will have to faithfully serve his every beg and call, since you'll have to entertain him while your sister is out wedding dress shopping.

Besides having an ever growing restaurant, Emily is also part of an amazing love story that starts with the delivery of a very, very, very, VERY much delayed love letter (try 16 years!). However, apart from the alluring international love interest from Paris, you also have the attention of a lovely and truly cute-looking flower man. How this love story progresses is shown during the start and end of each day. Several events will happen at these times that you have no control over; you'll just have to watch them unfold. This, however, is no problem at all, because the events in question are quite touching and fun to watch. And what amazing events they are. Your long lost love letter is finally delivered by post and you will come across the lovely flower man, who makes you blush every time you see him.

The core gameplay is pretty straight-forward; you will have to make sure that the customers that visit your restaurant are properly taken care of and are kept happy. This can be achieved by making sure you serve them as quick as you possibly can. By doing so they will be happy campers and willing to pay more. The game revolves around these customers and making the food and drinks they order. They will visit your restaurant and place their orders. You'll start off with a basic selection of food and beverages but, over time, your assortment will grow, making things more complex. Some foods or drinks will need more than one simple click to complete them successfully. Coffee, for instance, needs to be clicked twice, and the second click must be done within a certain timeframe, making sure the coffee tastes as amazing as ever.

The only downside to this game is the fact that you can only play a few levels without paying. However, if you're a fan of this type of games, you don't have to pay separately. If you get a subscription for 24 story games, which will cost you only €9,99 per month (or equivalent for your country), you can play these games to your heart's content. In short, if you are a fan of time management games with cool graphics and a touching and fun back-story, Delicious: Emily's True Love is nothing less than an amazing game!

available on:

August 23, 2018 (iOS version 2.1)
August 24, 2018 (Android version 30.134)