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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on November 7, 2018

Another month has passed, so there's another review to write. Funnily enough, I'm not reviewing my first choice, though. Now, this does not mean Furistas Cat Cafe is a "second choice game", far from it, because it is truly fantastic! It's just that originally, I was planning on reviewing another app, but it didn't work out. As some of you might know by now, I'm a teacher, so I work with kids, a lot of kids. And most of them play one specific game at the moment. Yes, you've guessed it, it's Fortnite.

Now, Fortnite was released for mobile devices a month ago. And, as I want to know what my students are doing and talking about, I was like: "yes, let's do that!". Less than 5 minutes into the game, this rapidly changed to: "Hell no, let's not!!" The controls on a mobile are... let's say difficult. I was mostly shooting up in the air or into the ground... basically anywhere but at my enemies! And that was just the training mission. so no. that's not for me. If you have better hand-mobile-eye coordination, be my guest and go and play. But first, read this review, because this month's game really is the cat's meow!

Who doesn't love to drink a nice cup of coffee in a coffeehouse and enjoy the company of a cat or two... or three... or four... or five... Point is; there can never be enough cats. I do and I am still planning to go to a real-life cat-cafe but until I do, Furistas Cat Cafe is definitely the place to be!

Furistas Cat cafe is a simulation game in which, as you might have guessed by now, you'll have to run a cafe that caters exclusively to clientele with a fondness for animals of the feline persuasion. You start off with a small cafe and just one cat. But don't be sad, more cats will follow soon. Every time you go up a level you can unlock a new cat. Yes this will take longer over time but the more cats you have the more "complex" the successfully managing of all of them will get.

The game is, like many simulations games, pretty straight forward. You have a coffee house (not a coffeeshop, because then you would be selling catnip in little bags instead of coffee) and you have cats. Guests will be coming into your coffeehouse to have coffee, or tea or a smoothie or a donut or some other sweet things (no, not the cats). As they spend time at your place, they will also play with the other sweet things (no, not the donuts).

Most of the screen is comprised of the cafe and the cats. At the bottom of your screen, there is a bar with buttons, a shop (to spend real money), the cats (which gives you an overview of your cats and lets you level them), baskets (to open and collect), furniture (to decorate you cafe with) and goals (to obtain bonusses).

The main objective of the game is to make sure the costumers can play and cuddle with the cats. This sounds easy but it can be complex. All the different costumers have different levels and personalities. This goes the same for the cats. You'll only have level 1 cats until... I don't know yet, to be completely honest. And you have (for now) either friendly, cool or playful costumers and cats. You might have guessed you will get "bonus-points" if you match the correct cat with the correct costumer. You don't really need to match their level, the connection is made through their personalities.

So, just make sure to combine the right cat with the right costumer. This is not always do-able, at least not in the early levels, but over time you'll get more and more different cats so it will become easier. See, having more cats is a positive thing. Maybe I will change my career and become an old (and slightly crazy) cat-lady... Now I just have to find a coffeehouse to use as a cover for my madness.

That is not all, you have a coffeehouse not a cathouse (maybe a cathouse with coffee), so you'll need to sell coffee and things. Costumers will get hungry and thirsty while playing with the cats. Make sure you are able to provide them with the things they need. This will be done during a so called "minigame". These are either making the right smoothie or hot beverage by combining the right ingredients. Besides these minigames you also have to clean the mess the cats or costumers make. No you don't have to clean the litterbox, just the paw-prints and coffee stains on the tables. And the most fun minigame of all is to cuddle with the cats. Sometimes the cats need some attention, some more than others (like muffin) so you have to cuddle them.

As for running the coffeehouse itself; as is said, it's quit straightforward, but there is more! Your cats each have an individual level, so you'll have to level them. To do so, they need to play with the costumers to obtain hearts (love) via thank you notes the costumers leave. And they need to obtain items which you will get by collecting and opening cat baskets. These baskets come in different "levels" as well; the higher-level ones contain more (and more special) items but take longer to open. You'll also earn bonuses when complete various tasks. These bonusses and baskets come in handy when you desperately need some items to train your cat to get it to a higher level.

I must say that Furistas Cat Cafe is definitely not CATastrophic; it is truly the Cat's meow. So gather up your coffee, donuts and kittens and have fun playing it!

PS: if you are allergic to cats you can still play this game.

PPS: if you are allergic to cuteness, keep far far away!

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July 2018