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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on June 8, 2017

It is a well-known fact that Magikarp is basically the most useless Pokémon in the whole Pokémon universe. At least it is portraited like that in both the games and the cartoon (anime) series. The only good thing about it was that it will evolve into a Gyarados, a really powerful Pokémon. How this can happen is still unclear to me. By the way, did you know that there is a theory regarding the fact that Garidos should be the final stage of Dratini and that Dragonite should be the evolved stage of Magikarp? Just think about it or else google it. But before you do that read this review regarding the app based on the most useless Pokémon (in my opinion) Magikarp.

Apparently, Magikarp can perform more than one move, besides splash. It seems Magikarp is an amazing jumper. And there is even a character named Mayor Karp who is totally obsessed with the little guy. To be honest, Mayor Karp could be a relative of Professor Oak. He is as strange as Professor Oak is, he just doesn't ask you whether you are a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, the Mayor fits the village of Hoppy Town perfectly. Yes, there is a whole town obsessed with all things Magikarp and the fact that it can jump really well. Too bad that isn't a move in the game; it would made up for the useless Splash. So let's see what Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is all about.

Like in other Pokémon games, one can catch a Magikarp by casting out your fishing line. And again, as well as in previous Pokémon games, you start off with an old rod. The basic stuff, good enough for catching basic Pokémon. I didn't actually get far enough to earn a better rod, but I know Mayor Karp was making one. At least he said so... I don't know if I can trust him because he looks like he is at the beach all the time, instead of working on making my life a bit easier.

The basic gameplay of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is as follows: First off, you catch a Magikarp. Once you have it is yours and you have to train and feed him/her to get fatter (aka stronger). The fatter your Magikarp gets the higher it can jump. I don't know, but this sounds a bit counterintuitive. The bigger you are the higher you can jump???? I am not a physics teacher so I will leave it at that for now. So, the point is simply training your Magikarp, so it gets more JP (jumppower). More Jumppower means it can jump higher. This is needed to beat the competition in the various leagues. Yes there is more than one and, yes, all you have to do is JUMP. Jump jump little fishy! If the main character had been a frog, Frogger would sue them for copyright, I guess. Nevermind, let's focus again. The food that appears in the pond will give him different JP's. And you can upgrade the food at the town by spending coins earned during battles or obtained otherwise. You can even upgrade your training facilities. Trust me, doing so is well worth the money!

Your Magikarp needs to get bigger to be able to beat the higher level competitors. As said, this can be achieved by you in two ways. First of all, you should feed your Magikarp; without any food it won't be able to grow. Besides that you should train the jumping power of your Magikarp. This can be done in many ways. The longer you play the game, the more options you get to train your Magikarp. However, the type of training is selected at random and I didn't find out whether or not you have any influence on the efforts of your Magikarp. Tapping the screen fast one time might result in an amazing effort at one time, but it can just as well result in just a good effort. The JP gathered by training depends on the performed effort. And JP is also needed to level your Magikarp.

So, we feed our Magikarp to get fatter and then send him to training, in order to get even fatter (okay, okay, I'm sorry! Of course I meant bigger...) Again, this feels a bit counterintuitive but, as I've said before, I am not a biology teacher so I might be wrong. Of course, it would be boring if your first Magikarp would be able to beat every competitor that challenges you, so each Magikarp has a max level; the further you get in the game, the higher this max level will be. As you might have guessed, this max level also influences the JP of your Magikarp. But wait, more things do this! You see, not every Magikarp has the same personality. One is more motivated to grow than the other and will obtain a higher JP in the end. But each Magikarp will, at some point, reach his or her max level and max JP. If the Magikarp is not able to win the jumping competition, it has to go into retirement. Don't be scared; this doesn't mean it is turned into sushi (I wish it would though. I absolutely love sushi). No, it will be able to swim in the big pound together with the other retired Magikarps, they will even swim by now and then.

Now, you may think is the game really all about feeding and training a fish to make it jump higher every time. well yeah, it basically is. However, there is quite a bit more to it. There are over 800 Pokémon now (at least I think so, I stopped counting after 500) and some of them will be friends with your Magikarps. First of all, there is our good friend Pikachu, who we simply can't do without. You guys should have seen my reaction when I got Pikachu in Pokémon GO. I went nuts! But okay, besides Pikachu, you will encounter a lot more Pokémon friends that will hang with you at or in your pound. And, best of all, they all come bearing gifts! Some bring food, others bring JP's or will restore your training points. Friends are very useful as you can clearly see.

But wait, there is still more! Along the way, you can encounter different people and objects once on your way from training back to the pound. Some are good, they will get you coins or JP. Some, however, are bad. They will take away JP or even your entire Magikarp. Yes people, be aware that there are some Pigetto's trying to catch your Magikarp... apparently, they like sushi as much as I do. Which leads to your Magikarp not being able to swim in the pound with all the other retired Magikarps, but being eaten with rice and other yummy treats... Damn... Now I'm hungry!

So there you have it! Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a fairly simple game, but has a lot of depth to it. It is easy to learn and fun to play, and that for a game based on the most useless Pokémon we know!

available on:

The Pokémon Company
May 17-25, 2017