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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on June 6, 2019

The title of this app game really says it all; it's a marvellous game with positively bulbous animals that roll around like marbles. What can I say more? Well, I have about 300 words left in this review to talk about it. The general story behind the game is that you need to help the animals to get home, which means finish every level to make sure you marvellous marble animal friend gets home safe and sound.

The concept is (like most app games) pretty straight forward; you'll have to "guide" your marble animal safely across a level, until it reaches a hole and is safe. But, instead of pushing buttons, you will need to tilt your phone to guide your animal! Yes, Marblelous Animals is a challenging but really fun motion controlled adventure game set in the wild and colourful heart of Africa. All the marvellous marble animals are African animals such as a Lion, a giraffe, a cheetah, a gazelle, etcetera, etcetera. And the best part of this spherical safari is that all the animals get along splendidly and don't eat each other.

Of course, the paths you'll have to take will never be anything like straight or easy going. You will literally have ups and downs in the path and many, many things that are blocking your way are, at the least, complicating your journey quite a bit. You even have to use something that looks the most like a small sink hole to be launched into the air in order to reach the higher platforms or jump over objects blocking your path.

And this is exactly where I got stuck the first time, I just couldn't get the jumping down. Yes, I know you usually jump up, but I really couldn't get jumping up down... wait, now I confused myself. In any case, since the game is motion controlled and you have to tilt your phone in the correct direction it wasn't that easy the first (few) time(s) around. But, in the end, even I got out of the sink hole and was jumping around like crazy.

When you just start to play Marblelous Animals, you might need to get a feel for it, understand the motion control mechanic and get the hang of using it. The first few levels will probably be quite difficult, but once you get the feel for it, it will get easier over time. And luckily so, because when you progress through the game, the levels you will have to finish will become increasingly more complex and therefore more and more difficult to complete.

Okay, enough about the general gameplay; I think you get the general picture by now. Since Marblelous Animals is set in Africa, the overall look and, indeed, every aspect of a level has an African or at least a Safari feel to it. The same goes, like mentioned before, for the animals in the game. I don't know if the food in the African desert is so plentiful or that all the animals swallowed a balloon, but they look really cute and are very recognizable as being African animals You can collect many different marble animals, but you must pay for them. You can use the in game currency (coins) for this, but if you want them all (gotta collect them all!) you'll need a lot of coins.

Before I bring this review to an end, there is something I need to get off my chest. Now, I don't know if I am the only one, or that more of you have the same idea, but these bloated animals are quite familiar, like I saw them in a movie or in a game before. It's driving me crazy, but I can't remember where I saw animals of a comparable style before.

Oh, just as a side note; don't attempt to play this game in a crowded train, or in any crowded mode of public transportation, for that matter. Trust me, this can not be done safely. You will end up hitting the person next to you (Again, trust me, I tried!) due to the frantic movements you'll you need to make to get some of Marblelous Animals' levels finished. And while I'm on the subject of bad ideas; maybe it might also not be the best idea to play this game while sitting on the toilet... I mean, we wouldn't want you to fall off, now would we?

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April 11, 2019