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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on July 10, 2019

Readers of this review beware; the statute of secrecy is in danger. So for all of you who are so-called muggles or no-mages, please move along and read one of the other reviews. This one is for wizards and squibs only!

You might recall my review about Pokémon Go a few years back. I was jumping up and down like a small child on Christmas morning, because my dream came true I could really become a Pokémon trainer. Now another dream of mine came true. I can do magic and be a part of the magical world (of Harry Potter). This time I wasn't jumping up and down just because I was too busy being an adult (read: finishing up the schoolyear as a teacher, preparing for a 3 week trip and moving house). So I am happy I finally found some peace and quiet (sitting of the floor) to type this review. I solemnly swear I won't put too many Harry Potter quotes in this one.

So okay, what is the story behind this game? Well it is pretty straight forward; the statute of secrecy is in danger because all types of magical "items" are spread across the muggle world. As a witch/wizard it is your duty to protect the statute of secrecy (SOS) at all time. If the muggles ever find out there are wizards living among them they will go crazy (I hope by now all the muggles stopped reading, otherwise this review will also be a threat to the SOS). The game is an augmented reality game and has the same principles as Pokémon Go had (that why it is referred to as Harry Potter Go a lot). And while there are some things that could be perceived as being comparable, the idea behind the game is different, just as the fandoms behind them.

Okay let's not waste any more precious time, since we don't have time-turners and let me get started about the game. As is our duty to the wizarding world (not the school this time), we have to help and get back all the Confoundables that are spread all over the muggle world. These items are your everyday wizarding objects or things from the wizarding world. Like a death-eater or a vanishing cabinet just or some cornish pixies, just to name a few. All of them have some reference to the Harry Potter books or movies. You must "catch" them (all) and send them back to the ministry of magic to make sure they won't be set loose into the muggle world again.

These Confoundables are spread all over the map and are marked by tokens. There are many different types of tokens because there are several categories of Confoundables, ranging from items from Hogwarts until the dark arts (let us just hope Voldemort isn't making an unexpected return again). You can collect different Confoundables in each category and filling up one category makes you able to go to the prestige level of that category.

Finding these Confoundables is the main event of the storyline of the game. However, when you found them, you must use magic to obtain them and send them back to were they belong, the wizarding world. This is where the magic happens. You must use different kind of spells to make sure you "catch" the confoundable and send them back. There are different levels of Confoundables, some of which are more easy to overpower than others. This is shown at the beginning of each encounter with a sort of clock which goes from green to yellow to red. How further along the clock, the more difficult the confoundable is to "catch". You, as a player, will level up during the game making, these higher level Confoundables easier to overpower.

So, how do you overpower these Confoundables? Well, as one might suspect, by using magic! I mean, come on; you are a wizard, so you can do some magic. The spell you need will appear on your screen and all you must do is trace the pattern with your finger. You need to do this in an accurate and fast fashion to cast a better spell. In the bottom left of the screen, you can see how much spell power you have left and at the right side you will be able to use potions which, incidentally, you can brew yourself.

When walking around you will find different tokens that will yield different Confoundables. But, aside from these Confoundables, you will also find other things. For instance, you will find portkeys, which are like the eggs in Pokémon Go. You can open up these portkeys with keys you find along the way. Once you put a key in, you must walk a certain distance to open the portkey. Once you have walked far enough, you can put the portkey down and use it as a real portkey. By actually walking over it you will go to a different location where several special items are hidden for you to find. However, that is not all, you can also become a real potion master. You can brew potions which you can use to improve yourself during battles. You should master the art of brewing by first obtaining the right ingredients and then brewing the potion following the correct steps.

And that's not even all; there is so much to do in this game... it's almost ridiculous! This game is so big, even I didn't have the time to find out all of it. But then again, why spoil the fun if exploring the wizarding world by yourself is such a treat, right? The only thing I will ad is: Don't forget to pay attention to your real surroundings and stay safe.

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June 2019