The wait has been long and arduous, but now it is finally over; Destiny has arrived! In Destiny, a MMORPG / FPS you go up against a variety of enemy groups like the Hive, Vex or Cabal. But even more fearsome than these already formidable adversaries is a far greater threat, the aptly named Darkness. The last time the Darkness reared its ugly head, a warrior named the Traveler tried to face down this ancient evil, but alas, all for naught. While holding back the Darkness temporarily, the Traveler didn’t actually manage to destroy it completely. You give this guy one task…ONE TASK! Well, we’ll cut him some slack. I mean, he tried, didn’t he? Be that as it may, the Darkness has returned after many years to finish what he started. That’s all folks, drink your last beer, kiss your asses goodbye (or let someone else kiss your ass goodbye, whatever takes your fancy...), we’re all going to die!!!

But wait, we almost forgot…you. Yes, YOU! Mighty warrior, hailing from a distant land. You are a guardian, fighting on behalf of the famous Traveler, now an orb-like apparition. We encounter the Traveler for the first time when journeying to the main city in the game (and, coincidentally, the last city on earth), when he appears as a orb-like apparition. In short, the gigantuous task of stopping the Darkness from eradicating life as we know it (or what’s left of it…) falls in your lap like a twisted Christmas present. So venture forth and save the universe from certain downfall!

The battle for the universe can be fought as one of three classes: a Titan, a Hunter or a Warlock. Each class has its own unique abilities, so it is very important to choose the class that best suits your own playing style. The titan is an enormous mountain of muscles, combining raw power with sound strategic insights. The hunter is a rogue- or assassin style class and is at its best while sneaking around and striking from the shadows. The Warlock is (as you may have guessed) a wizard- or mage class character, and makes use of Void Magic. That being said, we would like to stress that having played this character class in other MMO’s and being real good at it, does not, I repeat, DOES NOT warrant success in Destiny. Destiny is a somewhat different ballgame.

Everything about Destiny is very well thought through, the graphics, missions, sounds and even the story. You, the gamer can follow the storyline if you wish, but at the same time decide to leave the story as it is, and go gallivanting about in search for whatever it is you’d like to find. There are no less than 5 different modes to play, so boredom will not be an issue in Destiny. It’s an open world. Scratch that, it’s an open universe filled with side-missions and characters. Later on in the game, you will acquire a flying scooter, with which you can even compete in races. If hunting in packs is your thing, Destiny supplies you with a selection of PvP missions or group missions to complete.

Of course, a sturdy gear is needed to defeat the Darkness and save the universe. Armor and weapon wise, Destiny offers a wide range of buyable and upgradable items. Every class has its own upgradable skills that might tip the balance of any battle in your favor, so keep a watchful eye on your weapons and armor, as well as your skills. It’s wise to get to know the groups that you’re fighting, and determine their strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to adapt to every situation.

Did we mention the look of the world of Destiny? We didn’t?! Bad us! How could we have not told you about the incredible graphics and breathtaking landscapes? These vistas make it hard for us not to get drawn right into the world of Destiny. And it’s not only our own planet you’re traversing! You also visit the Moon, Mars and Venus… How cool is that? And all this is presented in stunning HD. As of now, Destiny is probably one of the best, if not THE best, looking game out there! The audio is every bit as good as the visuals, and even increases the realistic, action packed journey, that is Destiny. With absolutely top-notch visuals and sounds, and a formidable control-scheme, Bungie has spared no expense to bring gamers the best experience they could possibly bring!

We plan to isolate ourselves for some time from this world we really live in. If you want a chance to run into us, join us in this beautifully crafted world of Destiny. We will, however, be busy saving the universe, so please phone ahead. It’s absolutely brilliant, filled with adventure and challenges. Yes, we will become legends, it is our Destiny!

PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One
Bungie & Activision
September 9, 2014