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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on July 11, 2019

The first thing I did when I heard about Dragon Quest Builders 2, is shout "DIBS!" at the top of my digital lungs in our DumeeGamer.com Whatsapp group. Back off, people this game is mine! So, after a brief explanation of how this game should be best reviewed by me, everyone was peacefully coerced into believing that Dragon Quest Builders 2 should indeed be mine to review (and I really can't stress the word 'peacefully' enough...)

So, we've returned to the world of Dragon Quest Builders once again. and not a minute too soon. The evil children of Hargon have put an abrupt end to all the cooking and creating that made all the villagers so happy. In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you take the role of an apprentice builder, on whose young but sturdy shoulders rests the hope of the world. It's up to you to build and do battle in order to restore the peace and to make this world a very nice and happy place to live once more. Well, if I may say so, they couldn't have asked for a more suitable person to do so. I've played the previous Dragon Quest Builders game until my fingers were blistered and I needed to replace the worn out thumbsticks of my PS4 controller.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers you an excellent solo campaign story, in which the first step is, as you might suspect, creating your own character. You can customize your male or female apprentice builder to match your preferences and, in doing so, create a character that you will brave the dangers that may come your way with. As with most character editors, you can customize things like hair color, skin color and gender. I think it's always cool to "build" your own character; this makes it easier to feel connected to them and makes playing games even more fun!

A big part of this game is, like the title might give away, building stuff. In this second game in the series, you can go absolutely wild with this, creating bigger and better buildings than ever before! The items and material which you'll need to do so, can be unlock as you go. You'll start out in your own village. Whenever you've finished building something, you mustn't forget to ring the village bell. This makes NPCs curious, so they'll come take a look at your creations. And if they are happy with what they see, they'll want to stay in your village. "Wait, do I actually want all these strange people in my village?", I hear you ask. Well my friends, the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes! Because a village is nothing without villagers. Plus, the villagers will help you with farming crops. And if you manage to keep their interest, the will even help you build additional stuff!

At this point, I have a confession to make. I got stuck. Yes, this mastermind got stuck! At some point in the game, my objective was to plant trees and put a swing in one of them. But I seem to have missed the part about the swing, so I planted a veritable forest of trees, but I just couldn't seem to complete the challenge. I was like: What the hell is going on? But then I noticed an exclamation mark next to a certain item in my item overview, which was (yes, you've guessed it) the swing. I did actually build a swing already, but just not in a tree. So, thank you Square Enix for this exclamation mark, because I'm afraid I would still be searching if you didn't put it there!

Do you remember those evil children of Hargon that I mentioned earlier? Well, they need some ass kicking and, luckily, this is also in my job description. These battles unfold pretty much like in any other Dragon Quest game, so a lot of us should be used to the fighting system by now. During the storyline, the evil children of Hargon will enter the stage from time to time and it is your job is to make the most out of the arsenal of weapons at hand at that time and defeat them all, before they destroy everything you've worked so hard to accomplish. the bastards!

Apart from the solo campaign, Dragon Quest Builders 2 also offers you the opportunity to play this game together with other players. Up to four players can join in and you can start build awesome things together. Big building projects usually need more than one pair of hands, so join up with your friends or other players from around the world and build almost everything you can possibly imagine.

I was one of those lucky people that received the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Deluxe Edition. You can probably imagine by now, that I was over the moon when I discovered this. You'll get a very cool PS4 theme, a couple of free recipes which you can definitely use during the game and the season pass, so all the cool stuff the developers will come up with afterwards, will go right into your pocket! Needless to say, I really, really want to see what that entails, so I'll sign off now. No, don't ask me to stay; my town needs me! I've got many enemies to slay and cool buildings to build!

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July 12, 2019