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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on August 28, 2018

Ah, a new Dragon Quest game. How awesome it will be to take my sword and finish off every evil looking creature, search for hidden mysteries and loot all the treasure boxes in the kingdom. Well, brave as I am, I know no fear, so bring it on, Dragon Quest XI, bring it on!

So, a brand new journey awaits us in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. In this game, you take the role of a hero or, better said, the reincarnation of an ancient hero that once saved the world! It is your job, you duty, your destiny to bring peace to the world again. But alas, the people in the kingdom think you're a demon and will bring only death and destruction, so they throw you in the dungeon. The dungeon is where you meet your first ally Erik. Both you and Erik are youngsters with troubles of their own, so you decide to team up , go out in the world and seek the truth. The hero is a standard character and the first thing you can do to personalize him a little bit is name him. By playing the game, you'll find all kinds of clothing, accessories and armor, which you can use to customize your hero and party members. And to make them even more suited to your personal combat style, every character has its very own skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI has a day/night cycle, which means some enemies will only appear during a certain time of day (or time of night, as the case may be). Don't forget to rest when on a campsite, because this is a good way to restore your health. And while you're there, make sure to visit the Fun Size Forge. This is the place to be for creating new equipment for you and your party, which is great for battling. And please believe me when I tell you that there are a lot of battles out there for you to fight! The combat is turn-based, but you can walk around freely during combat within the lines of the arena. If you like to enjoy the story, but not be bothered with controlling the battles, you can use the tactic system.

During fights you can choose a tactic per character and change them at any time. If you choose to let the party follow orders, you're totally in control. You can also choose other tactics, like a balanced tactic, where the character balances his or hers attacks between offence and defense or a more healing or assault approach. This is where the characters perform the battles themselves and you keep an eye on the whole thing. But beware, it will not automatically mean that you will win the battle.

Dragonquest XI has some great features, which will make your adventuring days and nights a bit easier. A great thing about this game is that your team members will gain experience, whether they're active or not. So, it's always wise to check on them and create the best team that suits your personal play style. During battle you can always swap out your team members for others that are more suited to the type of enemy you're currently fighting. This is especially awesome because, if you come across an enemy, you'll know you have the right character in your party to defeat him or her. And if you're not happy with an unlocked skill, you can actually use the Rectification option in the chapel or campsite. That way you can explore and try everything, without being scared to make the wrong choice! Also the Party talk is a very handy feature, because you can always check your objective. So, the developers made sure, that you have everything you need to fully enjoy this game!

I love how many NPC's there are in the Dragon Quest games. They're funny and, most of the time, they're helpful too! At the moment, Gemma is my favorite, she's so cute! In this game some characters have pink speech bubbles above their heads. They will often have information to help you on your adventures, especially when you don't have a clue where to go next. You'll also find characters with purple speech bubbles, they will have a side mission for you and you'll never know what great reward they'll offer, so make sure you keep an eye out for them and check your map regularly.

Dragon Quest will offer you roughly seventy to a hundred hours of adventure, but make sure to pay attention when you see the credits. I don't want to spoil all your fun, I just want to make sure you don't think you've made it until you really made it! Needless to say, I think Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is definitely a great game. It has everything you want from a RPG game and it's no problem if you're not familiar with the series. But especially if you are familiar with the Dragon Quest Series and like them, you'll not be disappointed!

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Square Enix
September 4, 2018