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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on March 12, 2021

Since a couple of weeks I can call myself the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch. My wife is super happy with it as well, which sometimes is a bit unfortunate for me, because now we both want some playtime on this awesome console. Last week, I had to baby-sit my sister in law's dog and like the ninja-pro that I am, I surreptitiously took the Nintendo Switch with me, so I could spend some quality game time alone and play the latest Harvest Moon game (after I finished walking and playing with the dog, of course).

To be honest, I never played this series before, but I always wanted to try it. I don't know exactly why it never happened before, but here we are. Harvest Moon is basically a farming simulator game, but it has a lot of additional elements. The first thing that needs to be done is creating your character. You can adjust all kinds of details of your character and personalize it to suit your own preferred style. After that, it's intro time. Apparently, I still live with my mother (ah, I remember those care-free days). We need some potatoes for diner and it's my job to get them.

So I venture outside, where I discover the wisps that are also living in this world. It seems that they have been left there by the Harvest Goddess. You see, a long time ago these lands were filled with crops and vegetables. But this Goddess suddenly disappeared and without her, there isn't that much growing anymore. Luckily, the Goddess left the Wisps the knowledge of various seeds, thus ensuring the various fruits and vegetables of the world would not be lost forever. This opens a great collection of seeds for you to find. Your travels will take you to deserts, snowy mountains and even a Volcano. And let me ensure you it feels damn good when you find a new seed and make it grow!

As you've probably guessed from the previous paragraph, you will be traveling around a lot. But does this mean you will have to travel all the way back to your house as well, when you want to plant or harvest something? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is no. Luckily the developers came up with something called the Expando-farm, which makes it possible to travel from one area to the next or even pack up your farm and move. I must tell you, I was very happy with this feature, because I do not enjoy travelling back and forth all the time. It just feels like extending the game, but in the end, you're basically doing nothing. Not in Harvest Moon! Everything is developed so you can spend all the time you want on whatever it is you want.

Now, there is much more to do than just finding seeds and taking care of your garden. Because where there's food, there's usually also cooking involved. Collect al the ingredients to prepare super tasty dishes. And there is fishing and mining, talking to other villagers. And the best thing for me: I told you earlier that I was baby-sitting the dog of my sister in law, while playing this game. He even curled up on the couch next to me and helped me bit. I love animals, so I'm over the (Harvest) Moon that you can befriend animals in the game. They can live with you on the farm and some of them are even available for use as a mount!

And what would the world be without some love? Even that is an element the developers thought of. In this game, ten bachelors can be found in the areas that you visit while playing the main quest. There are five areas in total and each area has one male and one female bachelor in town. Later in March, a DLC pack for Harvest Moon: One World is planned, which will contain a new area and two new bachelors. A bachelor has certain wishes in order to impress them. Eventually you can end up marrying a bachelor, but it's a multi-step process. Just like in real life, it's not simply a matter of just picking someone and marrying him or her. There are certain steps you'll have to go though to win their heart and let things bloom into a fruitful relationship.

I had a really good time playing Harvest Moon: One World. It's cool that a "simple Farming Simulator game" concept inspired the developers to come up with so much extra game mechanics. I personally love to travel around and making animal friends, but if you like to collect seeds and grow vegetables, you are also going to love this game. Or when you're into fishing, or want to try to woo a bachelor, make sure to visit the happy and colorful world of Harvest Moon: One World and discover the peace and quiet of an outdoor life!

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Natsume & Rising Star Games
March 2, 2021