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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on December 11, 2018

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! It's time for one of the games I was really looking forward to this year. In the last month of 2018, we can all enjoy the game in which no valley is too deep and no mountain too high. I'm talking, of course, about Just Cause 4!

The Just Cause series is an excellent and explosive series of action-adventure games. It is one of my favorite game series, because it's filled with action, it looks great and you can destroy practically anything. No wonder the great people of Avalanche call it a creative destruction game! Why just blow up stuff, if you can also use it to create an even bigger explosion? My thoughts exactly! But, before I get ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.

If you're new to the Just Cause series, there is one thing you'll need to know. The protagonist is called Rico Rodriguez and we all love this guy! To the fans of the series, I can only say: Yay, Rico is back! In Just Cause 4, we visit Solýs; a fictional place in South America with a variety of landscapes. And of course, to complete the picture, we need an organization that is just messing with the peace and quiet around here. The organization in question is called The Black Hand and is probably the most powerful opposition that Rico ever faced. They have the home advantage, because Solýs is where these guys train for battle. Trust me, they know these lands, so this is where they are at their strongest. Your main goal is to destroy something called project Illapa, but what this is exactly and what the best approach is in order to complete your mission? Well, it's all up to you to figure that out!

Rico has to defeat those big meanies and luckily he doesn't have to do this all alone. You have several characters to help you on your way and there is more than enough crazy shit to pull in this game. If you played Just Cause 3, you might remember the so-called Rebel Drops. In this latest installment in the Just Cause series, this feature is transformed into Supply Drops and lets you order vehicles, weapons, tools and toys and even shipping containers whenever and wherever you like. These drops will be provided by pilots you unlock during the game, so you'll have much more control over where your drop will land.

I'm thrilled about the fact that everything I love from the previous games is still there, along with some cool improvements and additional possibilities. Let's take some time to talk about one of the most useful features of the game: the grappling hook, which was already an amazing piece of kit. The addition of boosters was already excellent but, this time, you don't even need to be close to the object anymore to be able to place them. No sir, you can now remotely place them with your grapple hook! And why put boosters on objects, I hear you ask? Well, to airlift objects of course!

I had so much fun with this new feature already! I managed to hurl vehicles, boats and even a container into the air, although it might take some practice to do that correctly. At least, if you like to stand on top of the object in question while getting it airborne. The lighter the object, the higher it will go. Using this technique can give you a nice overview of the lands and it can also be a good way to start a parachute or wingsuit jump.

The developers really put a lot of stuff and possibilities into this game. You want a helicopter with a giant magnet underneath it? Got it! Are you a bit sad that there is no game which let you enjoy the art of flipping things over with a forklift? Got it! Always wanted to "ride" a tornado or play in other extreme weather? Check! Blow a helicopter out of the sky with a rocket launcher? Che.. Wait, I did that before in other games, right?.. Yeah, but it's freaking awesome! And if it's awesome, it's most likely in Just Cause 4!

The only thing that could possibly make this game even better, in my humble opinion, would be the addition of a local and/or online coop. It would be awesome to enjoy this game together with a friend. But then again, the single player is already awesome and there is just so much to do in Just Cause 4 that you don't really miss a coop mode. Just take one look at the map with all its little icons and you'll know this game is going to take a while to complete! A veritable plethora of missions and challenges await you in Solýs. Plus, I've learned something along the way; I never knew there were so many ways to blow stuff up!

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Avalanche Studios & Square Enix
December 4, 2018