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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on August 21, 2016

We're flying high! We're flying high into the sky! Oh, I'm sorry, I let myself get carried away for a little bit. But boy, do I feel pumped and excited! Why, you ask? Because I was chosen, no, destined to play Lawbreakers for Dumeegamer.com. So let me take you on this fast-paced thrill ride!

I heard about Lawbreakers a while ago and I immediately called dibs on this one, in a very loud and demanding voice. I was so curious to know what this game would be like. Different characters, maps and game modes, all available in multiplayer team-based battles. Hell, where do I sign up?!

Running around in the eight different maps in this game is really awesome. I didn't know where to look, because the environments are very cool. But you're not going to have much time to enjoy the scenery; your team is counting on you! This game isn't called Lawbreakers for nothing. Running around, shooting, defending your team and trying to defeat your opponents is one thing, but being able to jump sky high without the consequences of gravity during the battles is totally awesome. When you are inside a building, you're already able to perform quite big jumps, but when you are outside, that's where the real magic happens. It can give you a big advantage to shoot enemies when they least expect it. But it has a downside, because it makes you an easy target as well. So, as always, you have to think things through and take a risk from time to time.

So without further ado, let me introduce to the character classes of Lawbreakers. The Assassin excels in close combat, which is excellent because of the two razor sharp blades and a shotgun! The Battle Medic is meant to support and heal your other teammates, but I guess, you already figured that one out. With an electric charge and rocket launcher, the Enforcer is a good addition to your team. The Harrier is a fast and mobile character and will support the team with health and fuel. The Juggernaut is a tricky one; it can take damage long enough to approach an enemy and then finish them with his shotgun and armor piercing blade. The Gunslinger is an unpredictable character in terms of movement and he is an expert in precision combat. Do you like to just pulverize your enemies? In that case you should definitely choose the Titan, which has a Berserker rage (yes, really!). The Vanguard is a more ranged character with grenades and can turn onto a veritable fireball. And last but not least, the Wraith. When the odds are in his favor, he can easily break through enemy defenses with his automatic pistol and an explosive blade. Pretty impressive collection of heroes, don't you think?

Developer Bosskey states that they placed game play ahead of anything else and I think they did a good job at this. The controls feel intuitive and logical. The maps are awesome and really well designed. All modes offer you some kind of team effort challenge, so it's safe to say that Lawbreakers is a team game. You always have to keep an eye out for your teammates and help each other out. That way you'll stand the best chance to win the match.

Lawbreakers is an excellent game and a great addition to games like the latest Call of Duty and Overwatch. Lawbreakers offers you some brand new cocky characters and cool developed maps. They definitely know how to speed up things; all though it can make thing difficult, the fast paced aspect is really cool. It might not be the most extensive game in terms of background stories of the characters, but I personally don't play these kind of games for their story; I want to shoot shit and blow up everything in the most awesome way I can. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: I am a LAWBREAKER!

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Bosskey & Nexon
August 8, 2017