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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on January 31, 2018

Are you looking for some fame in your life? What about serving a king? That would add some fame, especially if you do a good job! Becoming the King's best friend might sound like a simple task, but I recently experienced that it also comes with huge responsibilities...

Now, before the rumor machine spins up to full force with all kinds of stories about me being the best friend of our king here in the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, let me clarify my previous statement; I was, in fact, talking about the role you take in the latest game by Tokyo RPG factory and Square Enix: Lost Sphear. In this RPG you take the role of young male adventurer Kanata. (why do I read Katana instead of Kanata every time I see that name?) He seems to be the one person who can save the whole kingdom from the so called White Fog. The fog is slowly destroying this beautiful kingdom and we can't let that happen, now can we?

One night, Kanata has a dream in which the King tells him that he could clear the sky and free the lands from this White Fog and Kanata, being the good friend he is, is only too happy to oblige. So, how do we go about saving the kingdom? Well, the developers came up with several ways to do so. For example, when you talk to villagers, certain words in their text balloons will be shown in blue. That's a big sign that you should pay attention, because it's a clue to restore a memory. You see, when a memory is forgotten, a part of the world vanishes into the white nothingness. So by restoring memories, you actually restore parts of the world.

During fights, you collect items known as memory spheres. You can use these mystical spheres to place towers throughout the world map and, in doing so, clear the area of the map around said tower. Now, while this is all well and good, there is another advantage that building towers will give you. Keep an eye on the special addition a tower will give you, such as increased speed movement, HP, Mana and other stats. So placing these towers on the world map does not only benefit the kingdom, but also yourself.

Kanata is a cool character, but lucky for him he doesn't have to fulfill his task alone. A friends of his, a young girl that goes by the name of Lumina will join him on his quest. Lumina is known for her brute powers, although Lumina herself is not so sure about them. Before the White Fog enters the stage, Kanata and Lumina have another task; finding someone named Locke. His name might remind you of the famous Loki, so you might think you have a great god like creature at your side. Alas, you thought wrong! Locke is no god, but more of a fool character. He will cross your path in the most surprising ways. I love the moment when I was fishing and instead of catching a big fish, I caught Locke! I laughed my ass off several times because of him, so now I have my own quest of creating a Locke fan shirt. As you progress the game more character will join your party, so you'll have to choose who you want to take with you during your adventures. Because all the characters are different, you'll have to choose wisely and make the most out of their specific abilities.

Another way to make the most out of this game is by using Vulcosuits. These suits are awesome and can increase the characters stats gigantically, which is very handy when fighting against stronger enemies. They can also be a big help, when wandering through the world map. Let's say a giant rock is in your way. Without a Vulcosuit you would have to find a way around it, but with a Vulcosuit you just blast the obstacle out of the way. Pretty neat toy, right? I'm putting one on my Christmas list, that's for sure!

During my time in the game, I couldn't help notice that Lost Sphear does have some resemblances to Final Fantasy games. But saying they are exactly alike wouldn't do it justice. That would be like saying that all cars are the same, just because they've got four wheels and an engine. No, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, the truth is quite the oppsite! Lost Sphear is a really good game with a great story, funny characters and awesome features. It manages to keep in touch with classic RPG games while also blazing a trail of its own. For example, I really liked the fact that we're restoring memories and the interaction with characters that flows from this fact. Lost Sphear definitely has what it takes to keep RPG fans occupied and entertained for a long, long time! Personally, I will not forget this game and I'm pretty sure that if you guys gave it a try, you wouldn't either. This, of course, is a good thing, because you never know what part of our world will vanish into White Fog if we do!

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Tokyo RPG Factory & Square Enix
Januari 23, 2018