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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on January 30, 2018

What were you doing during the weekend of January 20? I had my whole weekend blocked in my agenda, so I could play Monster Hunter World Beta. And I was not disappointed, so can you imagine my excitement when I heard I was the lucky one of the DumeeGamer.com crew who was to review the final game upon its release!

As per usual in any action RPG worth its salt, before any of the awesomeness can commence, we have to build ourselves a character. You have a lot of options to choose from when building said character, but besides that I was even more hyped about the option to choose a companion called a Palico. Palicos are cat-like creatures that aid you during your adventures. They will gather materials, occasionally heal you and always look cute, just like Puss in Boots from Shrek. So indeed they are a very helpful friend to have around during your quest.

But no matter how cool those Palicos are, Monster Hunter World is of course all about hunting monsters, right? So let's cut right to the chase and let's talk about monsters. These monster truly are a handful, because they are massive and strong and dangerous! The Research Commision has tasked Hunters from all over the world to help them by hunting down and killing or capturing the giant monsters that are roaming in the lands of Astera. I have to say, completing these battles is epic! You almost feel guilty when killing monsters that are so beautifully created. But after an attack or two from their side, you're immediately convinced; these monsters have to die!

Finishing off those monsters can really help you, because you can slash off body parts and use those to craft your own armor and weapons. At one point, I needed a certain material that could only be supplied by a specific monster, so I found a group of people that wanted to hunt it with me. I think we killed that type of monster like ten times and even then I didn't have all the right materials to craft the armor I wanted. So yes, getting precisely what you need can definitely be a grind fest! That's no bad news for me, because I really like having to put in the effort! And okay, to be honest; sometimes I was like: "Nooo! Blast! Why can't I have that tail piece? For the love of God!" But then again, it's really great to play this game and you always have another chance to find what you need. Sometimes, when you're really lucky, it can also be the other way around, and you end up getting what you want within one or two tries.

You can totally play Monster Hunter World on your own, but if you find the game too hard by yourself or want to enjoy this game with other players, you can always send up a flare for help. That way, other players will know you want help and they can join your game online. You can also choose the multiplayer option when you start playing. And if you really like specific other players you can start a guild with them. If you want to join mine by the way, request for an audition at my guild, SageHunters. We're always looking for talented hunters to join our noble quest!

My best moments in Monster Hunter World occur when attacking enemies from above. When you climb a platform, this will sometimes elevate you above the enemy's position. When this is the case, just push the attack button. This will trigger a quick time event. This is a really good way to contribute to the fight, without worrying of incoming attacks. Plus it's AWESOME!

Monster Hunter World has met all my expectations and even went beyond them! It's an awesome game for everyone who likes to fight really epic monsters in some the most amazingly beautiful surroundings known to man. According to director Yuya Tokuda, Monster Hunter World offers you forty to fifty hours of game play. The developers came up with so many ways to enter a battle that you can definitely find one that suits your preferred playing style. And the ways in which you can upgrade your character are almost endless. So yes, I believe director Tokuda's claims in terms of the longevity of the game. Plus, the upcoming DLC promises us even more new and epic monsters. Hell yeah, Astera is truly THE place to be for all your monster-slaying needs!

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Januari 26, 2018