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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on March 14, 2019

The weekend is nearly upon us; a perfect opportunity to play a party game with your friends, don't you think? Sure, you could go for another round of Fortnite, or play some Mario Party, or one of the endless multiplayer modes that seem to be a part of almost every triple A game nowadays. And while these are all excellent options of course, may I recommend a wickedly delightful party game by the hand of developer Those Awesome Guys? With that name you can't go wrong, right?

The title Move or Die totally covers the main goal of the game; as long as you keep your character moving, you won't die. Fair enough, and it doesn't sound that difficult. Well, we might agree on that one, but it will surely be more challenging than just moving around. And to be honest, that would be a bit boring. So, let's see how this marvelous party game works.

"Fast-paced" is definitely a description that fits this game. Every player picks one of the whimsical characters and enters the platform arena. Every round will have another goal. Hat chase for example, will have you desperately trying to wear the hat in question for as long as you can. Other players will, of course, try to take the hat from you by bumping into you and, in the process, earn some points themselves. At the end of the round, the results will be shown and which of the players managed to wear the hat the longest.

One of my personal favorites was the challenge during which we needed to pass the bomb to another player. A bomb explosion will kill you and the last player standing wins the match! I only have one word for this: Hilarious! It's awesome to run around trying to pass the bomb to another player. Once you manage to get rid of the bomb, it's bloody important to stay the hell away from the player who is unfortunate enough to have it. With all this mayhem going on, you might think it's not that hard to keep moving. And to be honest, I didn't die that much from standing still for too long (which is actually a thing). How you die mostly depends on the challenge at hand. For instance; at some point I got the challenge to stay on a platform as long as I could. Platforms were disappearing one after another. Standing still and checking what is happening around you is also important, but you can't stay still for too long, remember?

The possibility of dying from standing still for too long adds additional pressure, and together with the challenge at hand, you will have your hands full, I promise! Every player is running like crazy and trying either to avoid or chase the other players. The description that you're looking for is: total chaos! And the chaos gets even bigger when it's Mutator time. A Mutator will change the way how each game is played. Levels can get dark, or flooded, or gravity might even flip.

The comments during the game are often hilarious. At some point my party ended in a draw during one level and the level select screen showed us a line that said: "Nobody won, you are all terrible at this!" Or when you have to remove all the paint for a specific challenge and you're the winner, it will tell you: "You could probably become a janitor." I love this kind of trolling! And by the way, in case you're wondering if you can select a level by yourself and take the time to discuss which level te enter next with the group: No, that's not how things work around here. Before you start, you can select five modes you want to play, but the other players can choose their favorites as well. A level selector will choose levels randomly for you.

Move or Die is one of those games you will never forget, because it is one of the most excellent and truly crazy rides you've ever been on. By winning matches you'll unlock new characters and the developers already let us all know that, among them, will be personalities from the famous Rick and Morty show. Whether you choose couch gaming with your buddies or decide to seek challenges online, one thing is for certain: Those Awesome Guys promised us laughter and, with releasing Move or Die, they really made good on that promise!

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Those Awesome Guys & Reverb
March 5, 2019