Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a raven called Munin. He was a loyal messenger of Odin. But now Loki has taken away his feathers and turned him into a ordinary little girl. His feathers have been scattered across the nine worlds of Yggdrasil and it’s your task to collect the feathers and restore Munin to his true form.

Daedalic Entertainment whisks away the player into a Nordic mythology story, clearly siding with Odin. And who wouldn't? After all, he is the father of the Gods. Munin combines the usual 2d side-scrolling platform game play with the possibility of turning parts of the stage up to 360º. This is how you make your way through the different stages and collect your feathers.

In the first few stages, the answer to the puzzle will be rather obvious, but the further you play, the more difficult the puzzles will become. You can rotate set pieces and there are parts that require your physics knowledge of a variety of objects as well as, for example, the influence of gravity. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well, that's where you're wrong. Though it might sound simple, Munins' challenges can be hard to crack at times. This makes for a decent challenge, even for more seasoned players.

Another things that will complicate your progress through the game are falling rocks, lava and sharp pins. So you have to be really careful crossing the 77 stages spread across 9 worlds in front of you. When you solve a puzzle you clear the way to the next stage. Because you can't fly anymore (Damn that Loki!), you get help from another raven.

Aside from things that want to squash you, impale you or incinerate you, there are also things to help you. Spread across the stages, there are several runes showing you the way to your feathers. And to stay in the Nordic theme, they’re (tun, tun, tuuuuuuuuuuuuuh) Norse Runes. Good luck on your quest!

What I especially like about this game is the overall look and feel of the beautiful 2D world of Munin. The use of colors and the music that accompanies certain levels match perfectly. The controls are simple but effective and never get in the way of just enjoying this game. They may feel a bit sluggish on some occasions, but most of the time they're just fine. Munin is a beautiful game, which does have a relaxing quality to it. But don't relax too much, or Munin will never get the lost feathers back! So off you go, go out, solve those puzzles and find those feathers.

If you like mind-bending puzzles and playing with the laws of physics a little, you definitely have to try Munin. Just play it right now on your PC, or wait until July 7th to play it on your iOS or Android device!

Daedalic Entertainment & Gojira
June 10, 2014 (July 7, 2014 for iOS & Android)