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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on August 16, 2016

Dwelling on a unknown planet? On your own? Starting with only a broken space shuttle? Well, thatís exactly the case when you start playing No Manís Sky. So letís check out this exploration survival game by Hello Games, shall we?

Letís start by saying that I really looked forward to play this game. I just love to explore environments, especially on distant planets. And I was not disappointed, because there was not one, but like 18 billion planets out there to explore. On every planet there is a lot to discover, like plants, creatures and resources.

But what to do? Youíre stranded on a unknown planet and your spaceship is broken. So first thing on your to-do-list is to gather stuff to repair your spaceship with. There is a storyline to follow if you want to, which will take you to the center of the universe, but itís not necessary to do so. I actually saw some people on the internet still dwelling on the first planet where you start your adventure. I think that points out how much you can do on a planet and how free you are to do whatever it is you feel like doing.

I chose to speed up things and just really wanted to visit other planets, but I needed resources to do so. After finding the right materials, I repaired my spacecraft and blasted off into the great unknown of space, the final frontier. I like the fact that you can actually can fly around freely in space after leaving a planet, and are not being transported to a map or something. The universe of No Manís Sky is vast and riddled with numerous different planets, other space ships, and space stations.

Planets are a good place to visit for collecting resources and crafting materials. And donít forget to look for emergency capsules that let you upgrade your exo-suit. Monoliths are a good place to learn languages that will help you communicate with other intelligent life forms. And letís not forget the outposts. These outposts are always useful to visit, but all have different purposes. One time it will be a great place for gathering materials, the next time it can be also a place to learn new words and so on and so on. Every time before you enter the atmosphere of a planet, you will see a status chart which will tell you the conditions on the planet like temperature, level of poison in the air, etc. Also, it will list the number of life forms. But whether there is a emergency capsule or a monolith... well, thatís up to you to find out.

The main objective of No Manís Sky is actually exploring planets, collecting crafting materials and upgrading your gear. This will enable you to explore more planets, collect more crafting materials and upgrade your gear even further. And if you see how beautiful the surroundings are, I think everyone will agree this is no punishment at all. Everything looks awesome and colorful and the controls are smooth and easy to master.

No Manís Sky is really a great game for anyone who loves to have the freedom to do everything you can come up with. You can follow the main storyline, but you donít have to. You can visit other planets at any time you like. And luckily for me, I love this genre, so Iím signing off now. Time for me to visit the planet number... Aaaah, now Iíve lost count!

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Hello Games
August 10, 2016