Panzer Tactics HD, a turn based strategy war game, originally appeared for Nintendo DS in 2007. In 2014, it has made its way to your PC.

Panzer Tactics HD takes place during World War II. You need a tactical approach and a strategic mindset to defeat your enemies. Make your way through three different campaigns and fight side by side with Germans, Russians or Americans. So pick a side and letís do this war!

The difficulty of this game depends on your experience with strategy games. Starting with the Germans is the best way if you didnít play many strategy games before. Russians are a medium level and Americans (allied) is the hardest campaign. There are several options to train and learn how to become the best tactical player the army needs. And if you think youíre up to it, itís time to prove that.

You have up to 150 different units at your disposal like infantry, tanks, aircrafts and ships. Each unit has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so thatís where the tactical part comes in. Your turn starts with the opportunity to place your units and then the battle begins.

I must say, this game is really entertaining and challenging. I enjoyed playing it and definitely will play it more often. It is certainly nice if you want something different than multiplayer games and player vs. player. You control this game with the mouse and keyboard. The steering is nice and smooth and very responsive. Nothing wrong with that.

The sounds and graphics are good. Nothing spectacular, but it suits the game and it matches the movement. During the game a flat map is shown and the units are like chess pieces. A very nice touch are the weather conditions like snow and rain. They affect the performance of your units. Notwithstanding the numerous options Panzer Tactics HD does not require a top of the line pc to play, so it is accessible for a lot of gamers.

Pantzer Tactics HD
bitComposer Games & Sproing & Soedesco
May 22, 2014