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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on February 22, 2016

I cannot help but feel exceptionally mighty right now. You know why? Itís because Iíve turned into a great hunter / gatherer! I can hunt, kill and skin all kinds of animals, as well as craft cool weapons from things I find along my journey through the wilderness. Some of you might be a bit confused as to what it is Iíve been doing, while others may have already guessed by now, that Iíve been playing Far Cry Primal last weekend!

I have to say, Iíve been a big Far Cry fan from the time the first game of the series hit the stores. The first person gameplay, cool story, conquering of enemy camps, events and awesome characters; I love it all. So you can imagine I was very anxious to play the latest installment in the Far Cry series: Far Cry: Primal. Primal takes us back to prehistoric times, where not men, but animals rule the world.

As the game starts, you and your tribesmen are hunting a mammoth. As you might expect, this giant beast wonít go down without a fight, so be on your guard. We also soon discover that danger can come from all sides in these trying times. As Takkar, the only surviving member of the small Wenja tribe, you will need to learn to survive on your own, while going on an epic quest to find likeminded people and start a new tribe. In terms of game mechanics, Primal immediately felt like Far Cry as we know it. But in the same moment it dawned on me that this was going to be a whole new and different experience, especially because I never took up arms against prehistoric animals with big, sharp teeth before.

And as if wild prehistoric animals werenít enough, members of another prehistoric tribe seem to be out for you blood as well. These cavemen are called the Udam; bloodthirsty, man-eating savages that donít seem to like you (or anyone else who isnít a member of their tribe, for that matter) very much. The moment they spot you, they will attack you, so itís probably best not to aggravate them too much. Although killing a single or even a few Udam isnít that difficult, you wonít stand a chance against an entire tribe when you first start playing the game. But, as luck would have it, there are ways to turn the odds in your favor. You can attract animals to divert their attention away from you. The Udam will attack the animal instead of trying to kill you. If youíre really lucky, you attract a big bad-ass animal that might even kill a number of Udam for you.

As well as being a giant pain in the place where the sun doesnít shine, Mother Nature can also be your friend and ally. On your travels, you gather materials that let you craft items like: clubs, arrows and sting bombs. These items can really help you along your way. Take your basic club, for instance; not only is it extremely handy when bashing in the skulls of your enemies, it can also be set on fire and light your path as you make your way through dark and damp caves. As an added bonus, the flames even scare away some of the predators lurking in these caves. Apart from the usual materials, Primal offers an array of collectibles for you to find. In my case, I found a Daysha hand. I love the fact that the game automatically places these collectibles on your cave wall. Not only do they look cool, they also add some extraís to your stats, like earning more XP per particular action.

It is easy to lose your way in this vast wilderness. To make your life a bit easier, Far Cry: Primal provides you with a map. And not just any map; this map is huge. I repeat: This map is HUGE! Apart from being extremely expansive, the environment will change during the never-ending night and day cycle. The night brings really cool details to the game, like ever-shifting shadows, made by your torch or the light of said torch reflecting in the eyes of animals that scurry through the undergrowth. Looking around, one can only surmise that the developers put a lot of effort in making the night as spectacular as they possibly could. Apart from the lighting and mood, the types of animals roaming the wilderness will also change when the sun goes down. During the night-time, youíll encounter other animals than you would during the day-time. It seems the developers at Ubisoft really thought of everything.

And while weíre on the subject of animals, hereís another cool feature; at a certain moment, youíll get an owl that can be used for scouting he terrain ahead. When summoning your owl, youíll have full control over this clever creature, which does give you a major advantage. You will be able to spot and identify the dangers ahead and take the necessary precautions. And although Iím not in the habit of spoiling any surprises, I just have to tell you about one of the first missions I did after finding my owl. I actually got to tame animals! When youíve successfully tamed a wild animal, you can give it orders and do your bidding. The animal can even help you in battle; how cool is that!

Itís no secret that I just love Far Cry: Primal. It looks great, the gameplay is fantastic and, in my opinion, the overall setting can only be classified as truly awesome! A big thumbs-up for the developers who managed to develop a game that stays true to the Far Cry series, but that also offers you a brand new and hugely interesting setting and story. For DumeeGamer.com, this is Magic Mike signing off and letting you know that if you should need me, Iíll be in the Stone Age, taming wild beasts and kicking some serious Udam ass!

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February 23, 2016