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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on April 15, 2021

SaGa Frontier is a JRPG, developed by Square and originally released in Japan for the original Playstation back in 1997. Now, if you are a big JRPG fan like me, you have probably heard about the remastered edition of this game that will be released right as I'm writing this review, on April 15, 2021. I was absolutely stoked when I found out about this and I'm thrilled to tell you all about it. So, without further ado, here we go!

The first thing to do is selecting a character and, just for the hell of it, tell the game your sign and blood type. Each character has their own abilities and story. For my first playthrough I selected Asellus. The story starts just at the end of a long day of working as a seamstress. I went to my bedroom, which is the attic filled with all kinds of dresses. I quickly fall asleep and start dreaming about a dark and eerie castle. This is when I wake up, but it seems I'm still in the nightmare. A stranger is in your room, telling you should wake up and hurry. Okay? I follow his instructions and to my surprise it looks like I'm in the castle that I just dreamed of. I investigate some more and end up being tricked and stabbed. Despite what you might think, this is only the beginning of my story and not the end.

Later on I decide to take the role of Emilia. She has another story, in which I start off having to make my escape from prison. It's really cool to see that every character has its own unique story and approach. Also, the fights can develop quite differently, because every character has its own techniques and let's not forget about varying party members that might join your quest. You can create up to three teams per storyline, but to be honest, I ended up using mostly one team and sometimes just switch a couple of characters. But that's the beauty of this type of games, right? You can do whatever you want.

For some characters you can choose to play the game with or without additional content. This remastered version contains cutscenes that were cut in the original version, but now they are re-added to the remastered version. This gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into the story than ever before and restores some of the luster that was cut from the original game for one reason or another.

The combat in SaGa Frontier Remastered is centered around the same turn-based fighting system featured in the original game, in which you can use attacks and spells in your attempt to win the fight. New to this remastered version of the game is the possibility to fast-forward battles. Another thing that the developers have added is a decent autosave feature. Yes, ladies and germs, SaGa Frontier Remastered comes with a brand-spanking new autosave feature, so we as players no longer need to worry about losing too much of our progress while dying during play.

SaGa Frontier Remaster is not a game that holds your hand and carefully guides you through every step. There aren't that many tutorials and there is no pointer or compass to show you what your next objective is. This can be a bit tricky for players who are new to this game or even to the genre as a whole. Now, if you have played the original game or even played other JRPGs, I'm sure you will be fine. It's not rocket science, after all.

Apart from restored cutscenes and stuff like that, the developers added one more thing to the game, and that is a brand new character that goes by the name Fuse. After the right conditions have been fulfilled, you can unlock this character and play through his story. Fuse's scenario is full of new content, which lets you discover a different side of the main characters in the game. That's all I like to say about it, because I don't want to spoil the surprise.

SaGa Frontier Remaster is a great remaster that fans of the original game and/or the JRPG genre will appreciate. Great battles, a good soundtrack and a hell of a lot to discover. Together with New Game+ and polished graphics it's a worthy addition to every JRPG fan's game collection.

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Square Enix
April 15, 2021