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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on September 3, 2020

Sometimes you see a title and you are not sure what to expect, but you hear yourself think: "Hey, just for the hell of it, let's play it!" This was also the case with Surgeon Simulator 2. Plus, the first Surgeon Simulator was one of those titles I already saw a couple of times while watching streamers/Youtubers playing it and having lots of fun. So here we go, on my journey to become world's best doctor starts here!

So I would expect to be a surgeon and operate on people, but, first things first, let's follow the tutorial to learn the basics. You can't just enter an OR, wave your hands and expect the patient to be magically cured. A bit unsure if I really can save lives after a tutorial of less than five minutes, I decided to go for it nevertheless and I bravely selected my first mission.

My first operation is called heart broken, because the patient's heart is indeed "broken". So you have to make sure this heart is going to beat like it never did before so the patient can live happily ever after. To complete the level, I have two options; I can pull everything out of the body and replace the heart. But there is a big chance you will fail the mission, because our dear patient probably needs his other organs as well and he might bleed out if you just tear everything out. Blood loss will be indicated on screen and you'll have to make sure you fix it before it's too late. So the better option is to take the slow approach and use the right tools for this delicate job.

At the start, the patient is already cut open for you, so I'm looking at ribs. To reach the heart, the ribs will have to be removed. This can be done by just taking a hammer and break the stuff out of the way. You can throw the ribs anywhere you want, it will be thrown away for you (I love a good assistant at my side). Remove the broken heart and replace it with a new one. You have to get another heart in another room yourself (so far for praising my assistant). The first time I played this particular this mission, I couldn't figure out how to get to the new heart fast enough, because I needed a pass to get to through the door that blocked my way.

I love the fact that Surgeon Simulator is created purely for fun. It's not that precise or realistic, but hey, I'm not getting my medical degree here. Your operation will be ranked afterwards, according to how many challenges you've completed like "no more than x blood loss" or if you stayed within the time limit for this operation. And why do you want your operations to be ranked, I hear you ask? Well, my dear readers, this is the way to earn cosmetics. New gloves, new clothes, new fancy hats like a cooking pan. Do I get something out of these embellishments? Perhaps a steadier hand to perform procedures more precisely? More knowledge so I can perform more difficult operations? The answer is a simple no. But come on, what's cooler than being a doctor with a cooking pan on his head? There are four playable characters which you can customize any way you want with the items that you earned by playing the game.

Performing surgeries is one thing, but how about creating some cool levels yourself? Players can create levels and share them online so every other aspiring digital surgeon can play it. I played a couple of them and I'm amazed how creative people are. Some of them even didn't involve surgery! For instance; someone created a puzzle level in which I needed to find specific items and solve puzzles to do so. And although I didn't do a second of surgeoning (which I'm pretty sure isn't even a word, but I just like the sound of it), I had tons of fun trying to complete said level.

And while we're on the subject of other players, or rather somewhere around it; Did you know that up to four players can band together to form a surgeon super group? Super handy when you want to get a second opinion. or a third, or even a fourth one. Surgeon Simulator 2 can be mastered solo, however, the developers strongly recommend trying the game with a colleague or friend so you have an extra pair of hands. Chaos? Yes! Fun? Definitely!

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a highly chaotic game in which you need to fetch the right equipment and items and you're racing against time and blood loss in order to save a patient's life. It's a super entertaining game that is clearly about having fun and sharing that fun with others! So, if you're into any of those two things, please do yourself a favor and be the best surgeon you can possibly be!

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Bossa Studios
August 27, 2020